Hewitt: Military, Any Government Arm Can Require COVID-19 Vaccines


Indiana university yesterday Got the green light from federal. Judge saying it can require kobe. Nineteen back scenes and by the way any arm of the government can indeed require. Koga vaccines for those who use its benefits or who are in its employ. I personally believe the military ought to have done this a long time ago in the national guard. It's a national security issue. Ted nolan the great water polo coach at uci. Irvine used to scream at his players to get the flu shot in the off-season saying if we're in the finals and you get the flu. I eight say at very colorful. Because he had a language like a sailor you will never be in my presence again and it seems to me that if you're a warfighting unit you have to be wore ready you can't risk getting the delta you need to be vaccinated and sorry. Join the military. You don't have any rights. But i would extend that to government employees and yes and matija indiana university. If i'm a college and i make that choice and it's up to them. Some don't wanna do that. That's fine but if they do it there can any private business can do. It doesn't violate your rights as an employee. The only thing that can happen is that the government can't make you do it. There would be some legislation possible. It would then be subject to constitutional stress test depending on the exemptions that allowed and and whether or not it was uniformly applied We would take a look at that point but you certainly could have the military do it in the military

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