A Lesson in Tenacity, Agility, & Grit with 'Fresh' from Richfresh


Patrick henry also known as fresh here on dose of leadership. Welcome to show my friend. Thank you for having me man at such a pleasure to be here. I'm very intrigued about your story. Always love good. Hustle grit entrepreneurial story. But i'm really curious about your mindset. Because i think your mindset can teach us a lot talked a lot of people on the show and if there's anything that comes out or they always say what did you learn from doing this for eight years and it's always about the to nasty right is less about. The talent talents kind of a given is the tenacity that kind of separates people. What do you what do you think when you hear that. I used to spend them very similar. said The talent also will succeed with hustle without talent succeeds beyond talent without hustled. I used to hear that. So it's like the examples of people that weren't necessarily the most talented in the world. The thing that they did but they hustle and they were everywhere with their thing and you saw them succeeding. You know i mean. I live in an era of soldier. Boy is eligible is not the most talented rapper. He was really the one that solidified for me. Like wait to say soldier boy can make all this. Money is not the the most talented rapper. however he made he was everywhere. he hustled. Like no one else you know. So even though he didn't necessarily have the talent that a drake has he was everywhere and he still got the check. Mec- products that may not necessarily be the most revolutionary product. But the way they kitchen may have a product is better all the time complaining man. They sold that on my products. Even better you know man. If only i if only you you think that your product being better or your singing voice being better or you being prettier to yourself you think that's the thing that's not the thing that's what your mom and dad gave in other thing is what do you do with that. How do you move with what you have. And if you hustle. You likely are not going to succeed. So yeah i've heard a lot brought up

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