A highlight from The GOP Chooses Trump over Truth


Is the cnn political briefing. Here's what you need to know in politics for. Wednesday may nineteenth twenty twenty one. The creation of a january six commission is likely to pass in the house today but senate republican leader. Mitch mcconnell just made things a lot harder for democrats to pass this in. The senate will discuss that. Plus joe biden sends israel a much firmer message according to his aides and finally a criminal capacity has been added to the ongoing investigation into the trump organization. So the moment has arrived yet. Another test for the republican party in terms of whether or not fealty to donald trump and the big lie outranks field. He to the constitution the truth american democracy. We're gonna see that. Play out in the vote on the house floor to create this january. sixth commission. This is the bipartisan independent. Nine eleven style kind of commission which is being created to investigate the totality of the events around january. Sixth the lead up to it the day itself. What went on. How did that occur. All in the hopes of presenting the american people report that can prevent an attack on american democracy. Like that from ever happening again and yet though that sounds like something every american could probably support. Our polarized partisan political climate may prevent that from happening. Now we will see on the house floor perhaps more republicans than just the ten who voted to impeach president trump back in january over his role in the insurrection actually joined with democrats to pass this bill. The problem solvers caucus. This is a bipartisan group of moderate democrats and moderate republicans on the house side up on capitol hill at least seventy five percent of them endorsed this bill. So perhaps a big chunk of the twenty nine republicans that are part of that group will join in with some of the other republicans and nearly all the democrats if not all the democrats in getting this. Bill passed but getting through. the house. doesn't seem to be the actual tough spot right now. Despite the fact that kevin mccarthy is whipping against this bill even though he initially said he would. It's mitch mcconnell the senate republican leader. Who may prevent this from ever coming to be this. Full independence thorough. Bipartisan investigation and report on what occurred on january six when american democracy was attacked. Yes it's mitch. Mcconnell who may prevent that from coming to be he went to the senate floor today to express clearly his opposition to the bill of major decision to oppose the house. Democrats slanted an unbalanced proposal or another commission to study the events of january. The sex now. This bill with the house over is going to need sixty votes in the senate. Has you know there are only fifty democrats in the senate so ten republicans would need to get on board. That may have happened if indeed there were seven. Republicans who voted to convict president trump at the impeachment trial. And perhaps a few more to come on board but mitch mcconnell by saying what he just said is trying to prevent that from happening and chuck schumer. The democratic leader took to the senate floor to give his take on why republicans are trying to block. The american people will see for themselves whether our republican friends stand on the side of truth. Or on the side of donald. Trump's big lie. You know mitch mcconnell on the senate floor today. When he made those remarks he also brought up his own remarks taking on president trump in the aftermath of his impeachment trial. You may recall mitch. Mcconnell went to the floor and railed against the former presidents culpability in what occurred on january. Sixth well what mitch. Mcconnell's doing now is undermining all of that. I mean it was bizarre enough that he gave that speech after voting to acquit trump in the impeachment trial on a technicality. But what he's making clear now is that he's not interested in actually getting to the bottom of this event why because he thinks it puts his party and political peril. Mitch mcconnell's doing us clearly

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