A highlight from The Traders Journey: Learning The Hard Way


Now get everybody and to the show today. You a guy through another of the series. And i'm putting together cold. Tried his journey specically share with you on this journey. A bunch of the lessons. That i've learned along the way to help me to Get to where. I'm at and hopefully more importantly just to give you a bit of a heads up insight into what is to count if you decide that training is something that you want to work towards today is about learning the hod way and the reason as that you've really got to. Why is it you can learn. You can learn the hardway. Will you can learn the easy way. Most of us will certainly myself anyway have learned the hard way. So what do you mean by the hard way and the easy way well. The easy way is bisected by getting a teacher. Getting someone who can help you stick into a strategy set of rules and following a path that has already been trodden prior to you Beginning your journey. And that's kind of where i step in. Try to call dot com steps can help with that path. That journey that being said. I help you with everything and you will make mistakes. There will be lessons along the way. And they'll be some painful wants to for may mijoni really started back in two thousand and six actually. My trading investing in my market starting journey started when all sixteen years old. I bought some shares in a company called phoenix technologies ltd. They were trash disposal company turning it into building products. I believe if i recall correctly finished technology ltd went from a boy to enter that nine to eleven cents when buying price when i was sixteen years old business with my some money I wanna say a genuinely little like a little school business a little business selling stuff to to Rugby clubs that sort of thing. But i use that money because i was very interested in the stock market to in this phoenix. Technologies ltd now. Pt l. was epic code the three letters that represent an on the air sex. It went from my eight to ten eight to eleven. Sent buying to eighty eight cents. Or they're about so donna. Times right on my excite token kryptonite. I was feeling pretty. Good as the ron was going up back. In those days we had the The tv program you youngins out there when the season but it's cold teletext techs. You basically have a ticket type. You go search the process of stocks on your tv mcgaughey into a certain section of your television and i was pretty stocked. Obviously watching guy from eight cents to nine sentenced to ten cents. Twenty five cents. Thirty father went up and up. And i think it took about a month to take an idiot sent so i'd take my whatever it i think it was about two and a half thousand dollars to close twenty thousand. I was over the moon so excited but like many people in crypto and i say this now on the is going to get out. I didn't know that either. I just kept doing the math. i have gone kissed. A five dollars will have this way because the ten dollars this much and you start to do some spreadsheet. Dreaming is what i call it. It's exactly that markets don't parabolic along and you've got to take your prophet so that was my first little venture my personal dream into trading sorry investing trading and yet. The story ends like this bankruptcy. Pto my shares being worth nothing so that introduced me to risk management. I definitely fell hard because to make two and a half thousand dollars when you were sixteen years. Old was no easy task. What very hard for that. Money so really instilled in me risk management and a very important lesson. Now let's fast forward to two thousand six seven night when i was really sort of in my trading journey the beginning days i again. I'll grant that maybe a little bit of on to decided. I was going to travel the world and Solid trading had nine thousand pounds. That i could try with back then. I think it was about two point. Eight to the dollar so a considerable amount of money was it certainly for that. I felt very wealthy. And i proceeded to learned tribe way being an entrepreneur. Every bit of a do. I thought i'd just learned it myself well. I failed miserably. It took me six months to wipe out the first six thousand slept with three thousand into loan lost that now. The three thousand lost that then the next three thousand. I went just about lost all of that too. So i've blown out civil account. The loss was the most painful. Because i lost it About it months into my journey after having grown at quite substantially and what that did for me is it taught me that the way an entrepreneur thinks of the way business person thinks her away. A somebody who's doing hands on get stuck in the next things happen you learn on the fly. Yeah you just make it happen the all. Just do it make it happen. Just fig figure it out unfortunately it took me that long eighteen months plus at money to work out that unfortunately trading had too many variables To just get it right. You know. I i often use the analogy of going into your kitchen and a professional

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