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To the promise. Podcast brought to you on l. v. One the voice of the city that this week put into operation for the very first time here or anywhere in the world a network of smart bomb shelters and i know what you're thinking you're thinking a bomb shelter is basically a bunch of rocks and concrete arranged mostly under the ground to absorb the shock and trap of bomb rocket. How smart do you have to be for that. It's the most rope a dope of technologies. And the answer. Is i guess. It's always good to be smart though. Probably not as good as it is to be good looking. But that's a whole 'nother matter in tel aviv off. Oh the smart shelters are smart that they can be opened all over the city with the press of a button in the control center in city hall. Thanks to a special smart lock. System developed by the skin based high security lock in high security door. Company rav berea as we learned from rob barracks official facebook page which has been liked by fifty five thousand three hundred eighty five people including forty six of my own facebook friends about which who knew. The smart shelters are also equipped with sensors. That let the city know if say they get flooded by rain or if they're circuit breakers flip or even when they are occupied by. How many people in for how long with that smart surveillance the days of finding shelter unlocked and using it as a place to smooch up. Your sweetheart are definitely gone. Finally smart shelters are equipped with free high speed wi fi so you can order from amazon while waiting for the all clear now the tel aviv. Smart bomb shelter system was created by the telecommunications company celcom which won the tender to design the system. A couple of years back so come was very much in the news this week for another reason when on the day before yesterday we record. The company took a one hour break from providing customer service between one and two in the afternoon in quote unquote solidarity with those seeking peaceful coexistence. That happened on the same day. As a one day palestinian general strike declared by the quote unquote arab high monitoring committee and celcom's one hour in solidarity was widely seen as support for the strike. Though the people that cellcom say the timing was coincidental. I don't know about that. But i do know that i have for years. Been an on and off customer of cellcom and i can tell you based on a lot of experience. That cellcom has very often in the past taken. One hour breaks from providing customer service and sometimes breaks. It lasted much longer. As when i recorded on my phone more than two hour. Wait on the customer service. Line at the end of which i was disconnected. Never having actually spoken to a customer service representative at all. That's how much this company cares about solidarity and coexistence which is impressive. But i digress. The ceo of cellcom. Avi gaba by who from two thousand and seventeen to two thousand and nineteen was the hapless head of the labor party taking charge of a party with nineteen knesset later leaving a party with six knesset seats of the decision to show solidarity with the palestinian general strike. If that's what it was gonna buy said quote cellcom is an israeli company that serves all the citizens of israel and calm times and all the more so in times of emergency like those we find ourselves in cellcom has employees of all religions and beliefs. Who worked together shoulder to shoulder including in these days. Today's action was a call for coexistence and a shared life and comes from the place of workers who live and work together and quote in response to there were those who canceled their service on cellcom switching to another provider and there were some who called for an all out boycott of the company. My facebook feed filled also with pictures of people who moved their cell service to cellcom as an act of solidarity with the companies act of solidarity and arguably nothing captures the. Would you like a side of microchips with your burger spirit. The things are good than an internet of things is even better spirit of the city. We love so well tel aviv. Alpha better than taking one of the oldest technologies and human history. A wall of solid stone to protect you from things catapulted shot or launched by your enemies and making it new again making it so much more than it was as i think. This tape from the city's cellcom smart shelter control center shows. Scannon has become self aware in one hour would initiate a massive nuclear attack. Its enemy enemy. Schulman's with us in the studio is a woman who described with pathos on social media this week her dilemma about whether or not bring her smart watch with her into the rather dumb fortified safe rooms shelter in her home. I speak obviously of alison captain. Summer allison has written for politico the new republic foreign policy the jerusalem. Post the day the ford and many other of your very best papers and magazine. She is a columnist with are you have heard on. Npr and the bbc and you have seen her on. I twenty four television. Al jazeera tv alison whole day beneath world center. Award for journalism recognizing excellence in diaspora reported and a salmon. Rock our award for excellence covering zionism and israel. Alison how you hold it up. Yeah i still haven't figured out how to solve that dilemma. If you run to the bomb shelter and your apple watch does not record your steps. Have you really run to the mom shelter. That's how i feel about shebab man without my phone in my pocket. What is the use of walking a sucker like. Nobody's counting the steps. I should have my kids it. Does that mean you're using it. Technically i think if you're if you want it there so that it can count your set. You're pretty much using pretty much. No way around that also with us in the studio you just heard his voice as a man who demonstrates at any given moment that it's not just bunkers and bomb shelters that can be smart. People can be smart to do. I refer of course to shelters beata. Ohio filter to be is a book reviewer. For arts he has written for offscreen magazine and lately has written fiction for granted in the past hosted a weekly show on halloween. Tv on arts and culture in israel. He is admired for his genius. Loved for his warm human decency and envied for his effortless. Cool oh hot. How are you holding up. Not so good. To tell you the truth. I feel like if it's a bad idea to drive until of even then who the driving until aviv while the war is going on with. Just be five times worse. People's dander is up. people are more ten. Normal people are driving more poorly. Yes yes. I think the effortless cool part might you cracking. Who whenever he's not driving displays as for me. My name is ron. I don't mean to boast. But i got an email this week with the subject line noah. We found a negative item on your reputation profile. Email explains that quote reputation. It's more important than credit. Some things that impact your reputation scores are one damaging associates to negative personal reviews and three sites. You can't control exposing you end quote when i clicked. I got to a page with a thick red bar with a bold exclamation point in a triangle and a text that read noah items on your reputation profile are affecting your reputation as well as an offer to see what those items are during a three day trial period for just one dollar after which i would be build a low low price of fifty nine dollars and eighty five cents a quarter thereafter after which fee for my convenience would be automatically taken from my credit card forever. And i'm not bragging. That's not the way that. I was raised but over the years. I never managed to get a good reputation and now i'm reaping the rewards baby fifty nine dollars and eighty five cents every three months at. I don't have to spend protecting what i don't have in the first place. It is financial genius. I should add that bound and gagged with us in the studio and we are delighted. Is abby told kinski whom alison calls the only tourist in israel. She's not really a tourist but she's a friend of the podcast and we are delighted. That your hair. welcome. Sally abed is in a. She should be with us next week. Sally agreed to be on this podcast once a month and she has been on every week for the last month and so she

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