How Covid Will Affect Sports This Fall


One of the things that's on everybody's mind is the travel outlook for this fall. And really what we're talking about. We could be facing as soon as the olympics but all the way in to the fall football season so we're going to get a little expertise on that in the in the form of matt trout. Who joins us from. Sports travel magazine. You could check out a great article. He's got out there on sports magazine dot com talking about the latest sports at cove. Nineteen and really what everybody's trying to do. When it comes to opening stadiums to full capacity and matt. This is an interesting conversation and appreciate your joining the show. Sarah and i on. Spain and fitz have talked a lot about the olympics and some of the challenges. They're facing now is even japan. They're they're not sure that the olympics are safe so as you look at what every single league is trying to do to put forth the effort to put fans in stands. How confident are you at this. Point that we're gonna face what feels like a normal fall. I'm fairly confident. I think An thanks jason. Of course obviously for beyond. But i am fairly confident that we're going to be seen full stadiums In college football pro football all the pro spa sports by the fall. Especially you know you look at major league baseball. And and opening day Obviously the attention on texas rangers having a capacity crowd but everybody did have some restricted level of capacity. And you look at it now. And there's gonna be i think it's close to twenty teams by the fourth of july. That will be having their standing there. Stadium open at one hundred percent capacity. And i think when you go into the fall of the olympics obviously is a totally different animal because of the situation in japan. But i really believe that in this in college football season whether you're watching an sec. Game or pat close game or a group of five game that you're going to be seeing Stands that there might be one or two sections that are socially distanced but for the most part. I think you're gonna see everybody back to what it was. Almost in in in many ways a pre pandemic. Oh set up

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