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A barber brittany. Julio tennessee is brown obviously all the campaigning candy get to his role model. Julio jones let's diana rossini right now and you've been all over this story. What are the chances of a trade between atlanta and tennessee. Happening field the aging round taylor one derrick henry. It seems this entire offense in tennessee is doing everything they can to try to get. Julio jones but unfortunately for them they don't make the decision. It's all gonna come down to gm. John robinson and i was told that the tennessee titans are in fact talking to the atlanta falcons. Like when i did a little bit more digging on it. I was able to find out that there's actually an offer on the table for a treat of julio jones to a team that's offering a future first round draft pick so obviously that is a lot for julio jones. I'm not sure whether or not the tennessee. Titans kim that with that is the best offer and a source did share with me that they do expect this trait to go down sometime early june. All right thanks. Dan is always. You're all over it. Let's go to you now. Key guy who of course was worth a number one overall pick as a wide receiver in his day. His julio jones worth they first round pick at some point in the future where he's at right now the age of thirty two i think he is and it all depends on what organization feels like the. They're one big time x receiver away. In when i think about it at thirty two years old. Yeah ten years in the league but highly productive when healthy one of the top wide receivers in the national football league. It probably the top receivers generation when you look at some of the things that he can do in west coast style. System comes to mind for me. Not only the baltimore ravens. What everybody's talking about. But here's one no one's talking about the las vegas rate is when you think about big receivers. They don't have any henry. Ruggs is a eighty bitty okay. They got john brown in any bitty the biggest wide receiver is dan waller. Who's a tight. End john grooten loves veteran. Guys i think that is a team. When you look at derek carr who can use a big time red zone target like julio jolt it makes perfect sense of the world in they wouldn't mind paying. The money makes make some good points that when you think about places that would be a fit. I think the tricky thing and just kind of piggyback on what diana was saying is. take the tennessee. Titans for example you talking about basically inheriting contract three years about thirty seven million dollars. Well you also have to give up a first round draft pick to acquire. Julio jones maury davis who they drafted in the top five basically got three years thirty seven million dollars from the jets and you could have resigned him and not giving up a first rounder to me. The titans aren't a team that necessarily make sense. I think you probably have to look kind of where he is talking. Where it's a coach that valued the veteran experience especially at that position to with somebody. That definitely has plenty of football left in him but also just kind of fit with how they would use him and who the other wide receivers on that football team are because there is going to be a change for julio and he's been a guy that's had over two hundred targets in a season before he's used to the ball coming his way used to having things designed to come to him. It may be different at one of these other spots. They have a true number one already in place. Gabriel you get the fun question. Which team do you think should be going after. Julio jones perhaps the titans but others that come to mind for you or who. Yeah forget the titans three teams baltimore. The decosta's not on the phone right now. China get lamar jackson a big wide receiver. I don't know what's going on the also forty niners between defense their offense. This team is one key wide receiver way from being like to me. I think they're tops in the nfc. I see them going to the super bowl. The last one green bay packers gm. I am on the phone. Trying to get aaron rodgers. And i'm saying hey do you want julio because i get i'll try to get julio all those wide receivers but i didn't get for you before let me get. Julio can you come back. can we restructured our contract. Let's make it work so to me. Those three teams are the teams that by far should be on the phone trying to get julio jones. You're right kim in terms of green bay no question. Maybe there's a fit there. But if there's no aaron rodgers why would you do. Plus if i've davante adams. And i'm giving julio jones twenty three twenty four five million dollars i'm like well you just gave type money. Well what type of money are you gonna pay me. So now you get caught up in. You know the adam devante adams versus julio jones money issued that that creates a whole nother situation for green bay. I don't go down. Another avenue will as we all know. Money's certainly it'll be a driving force in this decision at some point just a reminder of those teams that we showed you just a moment ago who actually have cap space right now. The top twelve in terms of cap space as of right now and julio jones scheduled to make fifteen point three million dollars next season. So you're going to have to have plenty of cap space unless his contract is other altered or atlanta agreed to pay part of it in potential trade. We will continue to watch the julio jones sweepstakes but it's late may and we've got reporters all over the nfl maps at opiates l. Let's get all the latest we start with. Espn nfl nation. Jaguars reporter mike dirocco in jacksonville. Thanks field trevor. Lawrence and the jaguars offense struggled some in red zone work on thursday lawrence over through several receivers and had a few more passes broken up but head coach. Urban meyer says it's natural for a rookie quarterback to struggle in such a tight area especially when it's one of the first few times he's facing nfl defense. As for tim tebow. He didn't look out of place at tight end. He got some extra coaching work after drills but he caught every pass thrown his way including two for touchdowns for more on the patriots. Here's mike reese. Thanks mike at one point in practice today. The patriots slip their four quarterbacks in two groups it was cam newton and mack jones on one side of the field and brian hoyer and jarrett stidham on the other and then at one point team drills mac jones stepped in right behind cam newton foreshadowing. What's to come in training camp in late july. A cam mac competition for the starting job feel back to you do own or rent your home sure you do and i bet it can be hard work you know it's easy bundling policies with geico geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com quote and see how much you could save. Its gyco easy visit. Geico dot com today. That's geico dot com. Julio jones one side of atlanta aaron rodgers launch out green bay. it's late may and the off season may be getting underway in the nfl. For the falcons have been asking round the greatest wide receivers. nfl history. You know we're just gonna continue to try to work through this and hopefully can get it back in the building at some got paid. Dallas has their man me ready to go all systems go of his team. September twelve opener. The whole lot of fine. Ot continuing one absence has remained unchanged. Aaron rodgers star. Cornerback has been most recently spotted enjoying time in hawaii on vacation as the ongoing saga between the team that drafted in sixteen years ago continues recently retired. Alex fifty only quarterback taken before rodgers. And the two thousand and five. Nfl draft chimed in with his thoughts. On how the organization has done wrong by aaron rodgers the league's

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