A highlight from Google Photos unlimited free storage is going away. Heres what to do (The Daily Charge, 5/27/2021)

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Have you been back in your photos up on google photos. Starting june first the service will cap your free stored at fifteen gigabytes. So what should you do. I'm roger chan. Daley charged here offer us some guidance. Editor alison danisco home. Welcome awesome thanks for having me told us back in november that it was limiting free swords so i can't knock them for not giving us fair warning on. The free ride is over starting on tuesdays so just the back things up. Why is google ending service. And yes. I know it's free but is there a specific reason why it's doing it now. Yes so google has said that it's ending. It's free unlimited high quality photo storage so that it can keep pace with the growing demand for adverse storage like as of november. We know that more than four trillion photos were stored there. So it's a pretty massive service and instead google wants people to sign up for google one. Which is the company subscription service that will give you more storage and some other perks for a monthly fee. So what exactly is google one. And how much does it cost. So google one is a monthly subscription service that gives you more online cloud storage.

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