A highlight from The episode where Alliance are accused of cheating


How can you visit in an audio podcast. Show how to do that. You take out your phone or whatever you're listening to and you clicky until you see the linke linke so oh okay okay. Okay cool okay. We have a juicy ass episode my goodness juicy ass. It's juicy like never before. Can't wait to figure out what name we're gonna use. But i of course we need to thank our beautiful patrons of the in bruges year. Lets you take the first half this time around. Good sir all right. Let's see. Do you want to try to do like a speed run. Okay okay. let's let's try it all right. Thank you mistake. Busted condom johnson lucas. Frankel they're wiping their butts in the fountain with thousand dollar bills. Please buff arc warden. Chilly chilly lily. Willy nilly chills with the silly chilly. Hillbilly willy something witty and clever tell contra prime losing literally all myanmar rhody fueled vision quest smooth brain smooth game suns fan. I finished rhythm of. Don't forget to read wizard's first rule center. And what's your favorite danish meal charikar. What happened to matt morgan. The mega poop. We obey things and objects have power our ti in new zealand. On san pedro bigalow nate sicko zero and and the legendary pirka. The dirk listen to this podcast on ironically very good. Thank you also to bacon handcuffing. My uncle for a whole day and dry humping him nonstop as if. I'm a tinker with the heck's dagon lick shark. Tm novi panda. Stop eating charles neck. Makes you happy and healthy. Mr underscore man look ben. Broomhead is very lazy changing his nickname. Every week is a lot of effort. He tries his best ish. Pitch black would. An aftertaste done talk. Anonymous souljah boy. Rtz's nuts peter doorknobs that are made out of brass can disinfect themselves about in about eight hours nibbling ronnie keel perk of the dirk loves nate thick. Oh and all the pug players. Thank you friends. That was so many people renamed for this episode. That's nice house good. There were like two questions right in there. One of them them. What's my. What's my favorite danish meal. I don't is it dangerous by chance. Americans called danishes. Just those pastries. Do you guys know. We called them the bread vienna bread. Yeah imagine if we went to they get some american please. Can i get to the so the question i can answer somewhat. I think is what happened to matt. Morgan which was he took a break. I don't remember why was he stopped casting but he had to. He had worked commitments of some sort. I think and then at some point he was ready to come back and then he cast a few games and then he was like. He felt like he wasn't really needed anymore because broadcasting had gone so far. Here's kind of like a pioneer. He was a dodo one commentator. Did he ever do to at all i can. Yes i think. That's what when he came back he cast a bit of doda to use the first guy a cast with shannon. Really go man morning. And i'll be the last so you're welcome. Yeah probably you'll make me quit eventually. And i will thank forever for that no problem. That's okay what's my favorite meal dunno. We have a lot to talk about. That's going to be another time. I think i answered to research. What danish meals are. My favorite center is the only personnel. They just can't answer a simple question. Incredible yep that's me. My favorite danish meal is the danish with the cherry filling. That's that's good stuff. Okay this so first. Things first. Australian food okay. The nba playoffs are beginning in about a week and a half center in The are looking very likely to be the number two seed instead of the one and we will in all likelihood. Play the los angeles lakers. Who won the chamber spicy. And i am fully fully expecting to lose in the first round despite having the best record for a majority of the season. And i'm a fully expecting a lot of lakers fans to be lakers fans and rubbing it in even though the sun's one even if i do hate the lakers so much i would never do that to them Okay so we'll see what the end up the match ups and the being but my question for you. What is the nba fact question. So there's different kinds of fouls in the game all right there's personal fouls but you just pick up in the six game k. That's just a regular foul. What is what is what's funny. What's funny about that. It's just a mental image right now of like a personal foul in the basketball court like everybody walks over and picks up their own bird. That's nice okay. Oh f up very good. What is the difference between a technical and a flagrant foul

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