A highlight from Digging Up the Dirt with Jason Wahler

Pratt Cast


That stupid roller thing roll out. And then you roll back. It's the devils. Say that much. And i did that and now i feel like i broke my neck lower neck shoulder. Blade can't move my neck. I don't know what's happening. I do know what's happening. Actually is i am I'm getting old all right on the wrong side of thirty thirty seven Comes up at goal days. And it's whatever it's fine i don't i don't feel like i look thirty seven. It looked pretty great. But let me tell you something i feel it. It's happening now. I did the roller exercise. And i'm gonna be down for the count for. I don't know how long we've all got. Our problems aren't vogue on our trials and tribulations. There are things that can get their minds off the pain and one of those things is the show the hills. It's backed baby last night. Season two of the hills new beginnings was bestowed upon us by the good folks over at music television. And i will say this it did not disappoint we got some juicy stuff from adriana and brody hooking up and by the way they underplayed the whole kissing we'll get into it a little bit later. Sounds like it wasn't just a single. If you know what i mean. That's like rounded those basis. I dunno anyways great episode. Not only with the old adriana and the brody stuff but the brody and caitlyn stuff the brandon end it love his life of whose name i cannot remember but they seem sweet. Heidi and spencer their love story spencer and chicken pot pies their love story spencer in capes their love story. We've got to break it down. And i'm very excited do it. Because we're going to bring on my favorite person from the cast. He's been on the wells cash for actually he was on backward was called the pratt. Cast but jason wahler will be on talking everything from the first episode and then we will treat for you. Julia porter from siesta key is going to be on the shell. This jam packed episode of the hill. Gas one you do not want to miss stick around guys.

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