Ozuna, Albies Go Back-to-Back as Braves Beat Brewers 6-3


Losing to the Braves starting pitching matchup in this one. Adrian Hauser on the mound for the crew. Drew Smyly going for Atlanta would be the Brewers, who would strike first in the bottom of the second inning. Avisail Garcia leave the inning off with a double A Travis Shaw ground out moves Garcia to third. And that brings up Louise Aureus. Now the pitch swinging a bullet hit after global Dansby Swanson in the left field on Gloria's will get the runner home sound. They score that one. I think it's gonna be in areas should have caught it. At least for now. That's being ruled a base hit. Although Dansby Swanson would commit an air later on in the inning, But the Brewers weren't able to take advantage of it. They get the one run on two hits. They strand two runners there in the second and say one. Nothing game going into the third. This was a neighboring houses would start to a run into a little bit of trouble. Very angry and so would lead the inning. Awful. They walked and Freddie Freeman with line out a wild pitch from Hauser would send Adrian's a two second. Then they walked to Marcela Zuna that puts runners on at 1st and 2nd. Ozzy al Bees, then lines out. But then Dansby Swanson walks so that loads the bases for Austin Reilly swinging a bouncer off of Hauser. Deflection. Maria's can't get it. One run is in house is going to come in. Ozuna scores to make it a 21 Atlanta lead It deflected off of Hauser. Horace was going over to get it and he might have had a chance to get it if it doesn't hit Hauser That would push wants into third than William Contreras is hit by a pitch so multiple walks a hit batter there in the inning. Hauser would get out of it with a strikeout to enter and see our days. The Braves leave him loaded. They put do put two runs across there in the third, and it is a 21 game. That would be it for

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