A highlight from Episode #131: Esports Arena Takeover, Tencent Forced Sale, Free-to-Play Ubisoft, Luxury Gaming Chairs


Right if i tell you. Hey paul let's go play valor and you're gonna be tugging me to play apex legends. And you're gonna give me like every gamer is like that and that level of knowledge doesn't need to stop at the games themselves. It can go far deeper than that right. I mean even with you think about when we did the audio setup for this podcast and you don't buy that. Mike that magnus trash you know what i mean. You gotta do this. And like there's a real expertise in domain expertise. That gamers really haven't again because gamers really do use the things. They're purchasing like keyboards mice. All of this stuff. And they're cognizant like you're upset immediate loops in gaming of your own performance Like they have a very strong sense of what works. And what doesn't and so the argument. I'd have here would be sort of so if you take that as a vio. Yeah maybe what these people are telling me you know sort of paraphrase over the years is true is like you can do all this marketing. And it can buy you some short term traction. It can certainly do things like create categories. Like let's be honest. I think it took marketing to convince people that gaming shares should be a thing right like. I don't think we would've got there but at the end of the day because you're dealing with an educated consumer the quality factor wins if you have the best product as long as you enough to put that product and it consumers consideration set. That's all you need to do. Because the consumer will take care of it themselves right. I don't know it's interesting. It is an interesting and it's always like to me. I see multiple trends sort of converging with this. Herman miller story right. Which is you see. Call it older more. Traditional brands dipping their toes into gaming doing like xyz for gamers right in the same way. Herman miller did the embody chair. Which i have you know the original. And i have the gaming the logic behind me right. They did this this version for gamers but also they've hung on to sort of their more traditional. Herman miller obviously quality but marketing as well right. It's not like herman miller was never the flashing marketer in general like now now people who knew the brand love. The brand bought the brand. But it's not like they were running super bowl ads or you know like just wasn't their. Dna is accompanying these trends of like. You're right like very authentic kind of appealing to an educated gaming consumer but also this sort of parallel path of like traditional brands. Making stuff for gamers. And i think the that figure out sort of the balance between the four gamer while still maintaining what made their brands successful or special in the first place or the ones who are going to win the various about herman miller is they did not rip off the herman miller branding rate career lake. I i you know. I i think i even said it was a mistake. At the time. I thought he needed to have a new brand to they could put a powered by herman miller from the makers of her or whatever on it to create the you know the lineage but i thought it was a mistake but again and again i was that underscores the whole point like if i were going to pitch you in a vc meeting. Hey you know. I'm gonna give you an awesome. You know gaming chair here. And the competitors are called deacs racer and like i don't know what's another one lake aurora and lake and mine's going to be calling in lab. Yeah we called. Herman like you'd be like what. And i'd be like no it's great and people are going to associate with office furniture and you'd be like you're on get outta here leave but all that says i can't believe i still stand by those weren't drags on the business. I can't believe those weren't drags because if they had an inferior product quality and it was called. Herman and your first associated was an office. You wouldn't buy that chair either. It it must be some did the underlying fundamentals of the comfort of the chair on that. Note william that wraps up this week's podcast. Thank you as always and for those of you listening. Just a couple of things one as always make sure to check out. We do an after show livestream guys after we take the podcast every wednesday evening at eight thirty pm eastern time. It's a lot of fun. It's more interactive. You get to ask questions you get to participate and we love doing it because we get to interact with you so make sure to check that out. Wednesday evenings eight thirty pm eastern time. Lincoln live youtube Make sure obviously to follow us on all our socials links. Twitter youtube instagram tiktok. It's all busy sports or business of sports. And if you haven't already go leave a review on the book of sports on amazon. It's an incredible book. If you haven't bought it or read it already do that. I go go leave a review. 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