Tips That Will Massively Improve Your Sales Webinars


Laura things a lot of people talk about is hell painful. It is to run a webinar and not make as many sales as you actually anticipate or hope to. I've learned the hard way time and time again. And tweak my saleswoman a presentation over and over to find out what really works and today i'm just gonna give it to you. I'm gonna give you the three things that if you do today in your next sales webinar. It's going to change your results. It's going to help you get more sales. This is what i found in my own experience. So let's jump right into it. The first tip is many of us when we run a sales webinar. We have the format of doing some sort of workshop training or coaching followed up with a demo or presentation or sales pitch of our product and then we have cuny. The problem is is that too many of us will say the women are sixteen minutes. We will maybe teach for forty five minutes get into our demo and pitch and because we don't have much time left to answer a few questions and we may even go over time and the webinar about an hour and fifteen minutes in this defeats. The purpose of a saleswoman are. The whole point of this was webinars to make sales. Okay so it needs to be your top priority. And i been guilty of this many times. And i actually didn't learn what i was doing wrong until i actually started asking feedback from people that attended my weber my My co hosts. If i did a partner webinar and they were just awesome. He told me that. Neil going to longer babies to content heavy and that was my fault because i come from teaching background. I just wanna give give give and teach teach teach. But i'm actually doing my customers a disservice because i'm not giving them enough time to learn about the product of the solution. That's gonna really help them and give them chances to ask questions about it. So what i found. Is that if you're going to run a sixty minute webinar. I find that the best breakdown is twenty five. Twenty fifteen now. This may feel a little bit uncomfortable but trust me twenty five minutes of content of workshop. This includes your introduction your backstory all that kind of stuff and given them great information

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