Good Luck Finding a PlayStation 5

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Listeners. Molina and i'm mike schneider and welcome back to talking tech so bread. Sounds like getting a playstation five. Isn't going to get any easier anytime soon. Yeah unfortunately all those people that thought after the holidays like meet start seeing more of them. That does not seem to be the case now. According to a bloomberg report. Sony recently warne analysts. It's popular video. Game console will remain under tight supply constraints through twenty twenty to the report which cites several unnamed sources who attended a briefing between sony and analysts. Said that its chief. Financial officer hiroki to toki toll analysts demand had been so strong for the ps five that even if they did get more devices. There's so much demand for it that the supply can't keep up both the. Ps five and microsoft's xbox series x have been difficult to find on store shelves or online retailers because of insatiable demand and there's also a global semiconductor shortage that is playing a part in this to during its own earnings call last month. Microsoft's officer amy hood said xbox has experienced record engagement as well as what she calls. Demand that significantly exceeded supply for both the series x and the s console.

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