The city of Columbus, Ohio, and the family


Up to the individual businesses. Cities, counties and states to decide to go along with the CDC is new mass guidance press secretary Jen Psaki different localities businesses will implemented in the way that they feel will help ensure their communities safe. Oregon governor Keep Brown agreeing With lifting much of the restrictions for vaccinated people, Oregonians who are fully vaccinated no longer need to wear masks or social distance. In most public spaces. The gas shortage following last Friday's hack of the colonial pipeline, made worse by panic. Buying and hoarding is a problem from Georgia to Maryland Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm says things are slowly getting back to normal. Gestation outages are down. About 12% from the peak and the average improvement is about 200. Stations are coming online per hour over the past six hours, so it's still gonna work its way through the system over the next few days, But we should be back to normal fairly soon. The company paid a $5 million ransom in Bitcoin last Saturday. Florida politician has agreed to plea deal and will cooperate with the federal investigation of North Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gates. Joel Greenberg is expected to plead guilty to six federal charges, including sex trafficking of a child during a court appearance in Orlando on Monday. People familiar with the investigation say federal prosecutors have been examining whether Gates and Greenberg paid under age girls or offered them gifts in exchange for sex. The plea agreement makes no mention of Gates, who has vehemently denied the allegations. At least seven people are dead. Some 230 others hurt and a pair of tornadoes in China six. The dead are in Wuhan, where a tornado brought down a number of trees and toppled construction sheds. A twister in another province killed one person. This is AP News. The city of Columbus, Ohio, and the family of

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