A highlight from Bobby Reacts To Eddie's Bachelor Party Idea + Eddies 'Walk Date' Revealed! + Bobby Realizes He 'Aint As Good As He Once Was' At the Gym


So weirdest thing a morning studio sorry. I'm dealing with dr stuff or here. So they wanted the doctor like three weeks or so ago. I have just crazy digestion. Issues like for years food and it just sits in never goes away like camps out just hangs out some radiation and so i tell them story like well after now says you have ibs which i was like ibs itchy bowel syndrome. I don't it doesn't it and they're like no. That's not what it means. It's irritable so you're just messed up. You've there's something happening in your body. And i'm like okay. Well they give me. This medicine called lindsay s. They're like be careful though when you first start taking. It's going to be a volcano by the way good morning breakfast going to appoint here and they give me the baggage samples. I walked down. There tried these samples they sent up. So there's this thing called a portal and in my email you just log into your portal at the doctor and you said send a message and it comes back to you and it's got some samples from you guys. I need a real prescription now because it stops working pretty good for me and then the message is like we don't know anything about those samples. How'd you get those samples. We can't prescribe you. That that right and i write back to them i said. Did i miss something here. I literally walked in had an appointment. You gave me this medicine in a bag. And i walked out. They have you confused with somebody else would apply another nine year old guy walking mixed up yet. No and so. It's i'm dealing with that right now. And i need my medicine knee. My medicine probably call them up. No muss left portal anymore. Well avocado. Here's the thing to like. I hit my dot. Because you know we're starting to who knows what we're going to have kids next couple of years probably as our make. Sure i'm healthy so hit my doctor and i was just gets them up a check and get a physical gastro. Wanna make sure that everything's working fine. And so i'll make a little joke because i know my doctor a little bit nervous. Got the message. Wasn't the doctor replies back. He's like get this to the doctor and read that it doesn't matter it was something something like maybe zone It's so the nurse hike passes message along. Just pass it along. Read it humiliating. So now who knows reading my portal. Just call and i feel better. I i had obgyn appointment. I had a bunch of tests done and like the portal gave me my results. And i'm like i don't wanna talk. I wanna hear a person. Tell me my results. Oh like the portal like it so i called but it just annoying me come on the air today. Is everybody good. Yeah yeah we're good better than you. I think even miss your good the thing about the medicine. I gotta time it right because the volcano erupted anybody three and a half hours. Yeah it's like this message. Will self destruct sixty seconds and three and a half hours. I need to be in a safe space at least for a little bit. But it's getting it's getting a little better Hope everybody's good. Tomorrow's gonna be pretty exciting because in studio to perform three doors down. Now morgan coming to you again. Do you know who three doors down is. yes i do. I mean there are rock band right. They were a rock band. That crossed over a heavily in the two. Thousands had massive hits. Do you know this on kryptonite here. It's the song singing along that one. Okay do you know. i'm here without down. They're going to do that. To what else. We have up there ray. Anything else be like that loser dooby like that. I can't sing one. Well they're going to be in tomorrow's. That's pretty exciting for me. It is time to open up the mailbag sending something bobby mailbag. Hello bobby bones. I recently swiped right on a guy on an online dating app. He seemed to have interesting answers. But what come. I was a picture with you. So new is a fan. We would have that in common. We talk for a while and texting. Competition was good. We finally met and he was nothing like his pictures. I tried to keep my pictures. Pretty recent one very recent and nothing older than two years of a like his or five to eight years old. I was not physically attracted to him. He did pay for dinner. It was very nice of him. How do i let him down gently and more importantly let him know. He should update his dating at pictures. Thanks for the help. Signed anonymous first of all he might be listening now. He's using a picture of me and his out. Boy yeah well. Let's bring in the expert. On how a pawn stars it goes into gets an expert and he brings in an expert to actually talk to the person about the star wars lightsaber. If it's real or not. We're bringing in morgan number. Two for this one morgan number to someone who spent a lotta time on the dating apps. You've heard the story. What is your rule about pictures. And how old they should be. Oh man i mean not over a year old unless like you really haven't changed in the last three years. I think you can use other ones but not a year old for sure. Did you ever meet anyone who had really old outdated features. I did and they definitely changed. I mean not enough that it was like a catfish and i was like. It wasn't too bad. But i have had friends that have gone on dates. And they're like that is not the same person. How does she gently let him down. I think she just. I think she a say what you're gonna say. I think she just kind of ignores the fact. That's picture because there's not a nice way of saying you don't look like your photos. There really isn't but is there. Does she even need to let them down. I mean she went out with them. Had they not like met up or anything and they just facetime. I think you can kinda just disappear but they have gone out once. So i think she needs a texan be okay. I'm just not feeling like you're really great but it's not for me. Should she go at him and go. Hey hopi days good just not feeling or should you wait for him to message her. Let me like hey. I'm glad you messaged as a response. Then does she said yes and just kind of like letdown. Easy 'cause i would imagine he'd reach out and be like hey let's go out again. He was feeling it and then about when she be like. Yeah no i. i'm not feeling it. You know you're really great. Just not for me. And then what if he sends her a request for dinner to be paid back. That does happen. No okay so there you have it anonymous you let him down easy through text. You'd have to on the phone. No text messages. It's one day and don't tell them anything about the pictures i think. Just let let it go. Let 'em figure that out. Yeah it's not her responsibility. Let me say this. If you're listening guy. I'm telling you right now. Why put up pictures or you. Look like mr stud. If you show up. And you look like mr dud. Because no one's gonna like it like you gotta be real or everyone's gonna be disappointed in who wants to show up and have people be disappointed what you look like. I would put up quite up. Put a picture of me looking worse. Yeah i was gonna ask. Is that like a good technique to know because no one clicks a picture. You'll never got it. You got to kind of find the best version of you to put up. What are you agree. Yeah you need to show different characteristics in your photos. Maybe you're sporty or if you're you like to go on adventures whatever it is show your personality in the photos. I would say treat your photo. Gallery like the spice girls sporty. Spies scary by all these different you know spice with the dog holding a pitch. Yeah what do you think about shirtless. Pictures morgan number two. They're not bad if they're not taking a selfie if the photo of them and they're just like chilin fine if they're taking a mirror selfie with a shirtless going on no hard pass. Why it just shows a lotta vein narcissism. It's very obvious thing that you guys are probably not going to get along if you unless you like somebody who's very you know about themselves. Okay there you go morgan albert. Thanks for your expertise. Yeah.

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