A highlight from Biden's Looming Deadlines


This week marks the nearing of many self-imposed legislative deadlines that president biden had set for his administration leading up to memorial day. That unofficial start of summer and with just four legislative days left before the senate has outta town for their week. Long memorial day recess. It seems like the president's hopes for bipartisan agreement. On some key administration proposals well. It looks like it's running out i. There's infrastructure now. The white house had said a off deadline for round memorial day to see whether or not there would be a significant amount of movement towards a bipartisan agreement. Here that does not seem to be happening. My colleagues lauren fox maharaj up on capitol hill. A reporting that in fact talks are on the brink of collapse. There's just no agreement in sight either on the scope of an infrastructure bill or just as importantly how to pay for it white house senior adviser cedric richmond indicated to danna bash over the weekend president biden might have to forego bipartisanship. If it means nothing's getting done to do he wants it soon. He will not let an action be the answer and when it gets to the point where it looks like that is inevitable. You'll see him change course. Then there's the george floyd justice and policing act president biden hoped that would have been sewn up by the anniversary of george floyd murder. That one year anniversary is tomorrow. The president will be spending some time in private with the floyd family but what he will not be doing is signing this bill into law because it is still in negotiations up. On capitol hill cory booker the senator from new jersey who's the lead democrat in the senate on this expressed to biden last week. That progress is being made but there are nowhere near meeting this one year anniversary deadline. Tomorrow we are still looking at that major point of contention qualified immunity for police officers. And of course there's also the stalemate over the january sixth commission senate majority leader chuck schumer's expected to bring it up for a vote. As soon as this week remember it passed the house last week. Thirty five republicans joined democrats in making it a bipartisan bill but minority leader mitch. Mcconnell republican of kentucky has said. He's not in favor for it and he doesn't expect it to pass the senate. This may be the first republican filibuster of the biden administration. And that may come to a head this very week. As the battle against corona virus continues to succeed and cases go down and death rates. Go down and more and more americans get vaccinated the by the which has gotten very high marks on battling corona virus. Won't have that issue around much longer. And so now comes the much more complicated legislative action. That biden wants to see progress on and yet heading into this memorial day recess no progress in sight. Now here's what else matters today. You may recall you. Kept hearing republicans. Say a couple of weeks ago liz. Cheney shouldn't have a role in the house republican leadership because she was still talking about the twenty twenty election and they think that's a political loser for them. They only want to be talking forward looking about the biden agenda and that they have a better path forward except republicans across the country. Keep wanting to revisit and relitigate the twenty twenty election today in arizona after a nine day. Pause you're going to see that sham of his so called audit kick back up again now the organizers of this the cyber ninjas the ones that are sort of running the audit for the state senate republicans. They hope to have their work completed by the end of june. So we've got a few more weeks of this ridiculous absurd retaliating of the maricopa county votes with lots of conspiracy theories playing into that ballots. Were illegitimately cast. They weren't the elections. Been certified but this continues in georgia. We just saw a judge issued a ruling on friday that in fulton county the atlanta area. That absentee ballots can be opened up for inspection by both parties. Remember the georgia votes. Were counted three separate times in the fall. All of which showed that. Joe biden was legitimately the winner in georgia against donald trump. But don't think these sort of absurd. Audits are the end to the political debate over voting rights. They're not. They're just a symptom of this ongoing conversation. That is happening in america. And it's really interesting. But liz chaining the republican who lost her job in leadership because she's taking on donald trump and his absurd big lie that the twenty twenty election was stolen. She is still very much in favor for some of these voting laws that republican legislators have put in place in state after state that was a direct response to the twenty twenty election. But she's separating those things out she thinks those kinds of bills are totally legitimate to ensure that voting takes place without any fraud even though she's calling donald trump for lying about fraud here. She was with jonathan swan of axios. Hbo show when you look at things like voter fraud. It's certainly exists. I will never understand the resistance. For example to voter. I d. i think you ought to have to show. Id to go. Vote a big difference between that and the president of the united states as an election after he tried to steal the election and refuses to concede and then continues to say. The election was stolen again for a party. That says it wants all of its messaging to be about joe biden and a democratic agenda that they believe is socialist an out of touch with the country as a party. They're spending an awful lot of time on the aftermath of the twenty twenty election. And finally today marjorie taylor green backbencher from georgia the republican congresswoman. Back in the news for something.

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