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In baltimore. I'm amy scott in cairo's doll. It is monday the twenty fourth of may good to have you with us. We start today with the forecast from closely watched survey in the business world. The national association for business economics expects the us economy to grow by six and a half percent this year. That's up from its prediction of just under five percent. A few months ago and it would be the fastest growth. Since nineteen eighty-four as the country recovered from another severe recession with more people getting vaccinated and pandemic restrictions lifting the hope is that consumers will return to old habits and then some shopping taking vacations going to movie theaters. We have some clues about that. Last part from the uk theaters there reopened a week ago and the cinema world chain of theaters had a strong weekend. Here in the states. The upcoming memorial day weekend will be a big box office. Test marketplace's marielle. Sarah reports when movie theaters were opened this past year they didn't sell many tickets and that created a downward spiral studios didn't want to release their big movies to empty theaters so then the theaters had no new films to draw people in. It's been a real chicken and egg situation For quite a while. That's sean robbins. Chief analyst with box office pro. He says things are looking up now. More than half of americans have gotten at least one dose of the covid vaccine and studios are committing to releasing major films again essentially on a weekly basis For the rest of the your starting this memorial day weekend with cruella the disney origin story and a quiet place part to the horror movie with emily blunt and john kaczynski sisters movie house and independent theatre in oregon that just reopened at fifty percent capacity will be showing both films. Owner drew. causa isn't worried. I'm pretty sure we'll be pushing those capacity constrictions way right now. People are eager to do anything that feels like going back to normal. Jason esquire at the usc. School of cinematic arts says that's especially true for movies. Those enormous emotional need to go to movie theaters to enjoy movies in the exciting circumstance of the dark room with strangers around you. This time honored entertainment experience theaters. We'll have competition. A lot of people have gotten used to streaming movies from home. True causes et sisters movie house. Says he thinks the crowds will keep coming though. We're pretty optimistic about this year. For for the main reason is we look at this as being the most solid year. Productwise maybe in my lifetime. So if that doesn't draw people. I don't know what will will some other movies out this summer in the heights. Black widow and fast and furious nine. I'm maryelle sagarra for marketplace on wall street today. Traders seem pretty optimistic about the recovery. We'll

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