A highlight from Dan Tells A Meditative Story


Is my episode in this episode. I tell a personal story about a father son trip. I went on with my son alexander when he was four years old and how this trip really changed our relationship. If you're not familiar with meditative story as i said it's a really good show. It combines immersive storytelling with mindfulness prompts embedded writings in the narrative all with a lot of really good music woven right into it. The show's been winning. Awards of late at is definitely worth checking out. I really liked the team over at meditative story. I'm glad we're developing closer relationship. They tell us that many of their listeners used the ten percent happier app. And we've heard that many people in thi ph land are fans of meditative story. So i hope you enjoy this episode. When bianca and i i had alexander i remember there being a whole soon nami of sentiment both over email from my friends and on social media from people. I didn't know where we were being told. And exhorted to enjoy every moment or cherish every moment and i always wondered about that is this just kind of perfunctory thing that people say or is it maybe based in some sort of remorse that they may feel about having let their kids. Childhood slipped by without really taking it

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