A highlight from Ep. 307: How to Celebrate Yourself with Model Ashley Graham

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Jen sullivan. Jess will be here momentarily for an amazing interview. You already know who it is. 'cause you clicked on the button but she's not here right now. 'cause we had a little bit of emergency. Listen guys putting together to podcasts a week when you're busy people it's hard. We had an amazing podcast that fell apart the last minute because the audio files got corrupted. It's just such a mess and you're not here for that. You're here for ashley graham. So i'm not going to tell you about that. Let's let's talk about ashley. She brought me. Like all the positivity i was in i was such a wreck when we did this interview and she just called me and gave me confidence i know after you. Listen to this you will feel the same way. Trust me but where to start with ashley. as you'll hear in our interview we have to start with her modeling career. She says she's always a model. She began modeling when she was twelve. She's been on the cover of l. Sports illustrated swimsuit issue glamour. Vogue grazia cosmopolitan porter. I probably should just list magazines that she hasn't been on to be safe because she's been on all of them. She's a podcast. An author her memoirs came out in twenty seventeen shows hosted numerous television shows in pageants. She was the host of season. Two of american beauty star. And she's a mom newish mom in fact she ingests had their kids around the same time which they talk about actually quite funny. 'cause they had to figure out how will their kids were and she just came out with a new kit of products for flamingo. I am obsessed with this kit. You guys know how. I love that light. Hydration body spray from flamingo of courtship. Put it in there. She's no dummy so we'll put a link to that on the blog. We also talk about other brought body products that she loves beauty products that she loves treatment she gets. I really hope you enjoyed interview And that you work on your daily affirmation. Because as you'll hear what ashley would want you to do and you do not want to let down after plus okay so ashley i want to know what was your first. Experience is beauty. Like what was your earliest memory that you can think of like either at a salon or the first time you were remember spritzing perfume or watching someone put on makeup like what was that i think what is what is beauty. Do you what you remember as a little girl will i. It's interesting because i have like different memories. I think that like. I know it's hard to think. What ashruba ya. And the biggest memories. I think are always watching. My mom's make on has never been like an overdue Comes to make like less as more for her but she did like. I grew up in the south. So she always matched I was raised in texas. Atlanta arpita hampshire nebraska. So when did she did say that when she lived in new hampshire. She didn't really wear make 'cause it's just not a cultural thing there that like you get dressed up everyday like doing. The south so big thing was actually a little foundation and blush some mascara and she called daily. She didn't she didn't know anything about browsed or anything so she let me wear make middle school and i were. The same thing is fun. I wore foundation blush mascara and I don't even think. I knew it could was really but i remember i always had the line on my jaw like my mother without a shadow of doubt before i leave. School would be like you rub in your line in that was always then became my pet peeves so when i headed hand blended line on my face from makeup artist like that. He's people ended and eighty. Jane hughes is a makeup artist. I work with all the time. She's always telling me. I know i'm going to blend it out. Don't worry they can't not do. But that was a really amazing bonding moment. My mom always had with me. I don't even think she thought about like about that. That's what it was then but but it looking back. She also always took us to the department stores. We would go to kiosk and we will get the little sample bags for their chest. It's it's like all of them. We would do it at every single one in the we ended up having favorites but those little bags. I still have like to this day. I'm such a like a little mini bag horror. I'm obsessed with one of your favorites. What like which one is which when you call to mind as a favorite little mini bags. We all have them. I would love to say a brand but On

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