Automatically Generate Your Unit Tests From Scratch With Pynguin


I'm stefan i'm phd. Student university of pulse. Also small town like two hundred kilometers east of munich. Germany between germany australia the czech republic. I used to do my studies. Their computer science a bachelor master's degree in Doing a phd and the project we are talking about. Tingling is my main research project here. Do you remember how you first got introduced a python. I thought about that actually. I cannot really narrow that down. I played around with it before i started my studies. Which around like twenty ten or something. But i really got introduced it during my bachelor studies usa quite lot. Although our programming experience basically many java background from this talton study curriculum but used pies pizon their lot of finesse started my phd. I focused a lot on and shifted my main focus basically In that area and there's no in terms of the penguin project you mentioned that some of the focus of your current research with your hd program. I'm wondering if you can just give a description about what it is that you're building and some of the story behind how you came on this particular problem space to work through and some of the interesting areas of research that it's uncovering as you go through your program one of the things to note here. Is that my supervisor. Professor gordon fraser. He's an expert in testing software and developed a tool for job of unitas generation. Called every sweet. Some of you might have heard that name somewhere around when you're interested in testing and so we were discussing a lot of opportunities.

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