A highlight from Mellow Down, Yall | 5/24/21

Pat Gray Unleashed


Pat unleashed on twitter. Get a brand pet pet gray bingo card pinned to the top of the twitter page at pat unleashed starting in the upper left hand. Quarter with this privilege. Puerto personal privilege that we got latin x jeffey mentions his websites. Ouch nice Pat has a grammar peeve. All boy man. I won't say who it was. But i worked with somebody a while ago. Yeah last week on one of the shows eddie. Must've said especially Thirty times song expecially and supposedly all know you got the the for by was everything i could do to just not saying. Wow but i didn't say anything it could. It could work out that you That you work with someone on this show that may pronounce the silver state. Nevada not to your liking. That drives me up. So so that'll count. If we get some news from the silver state and then you can get a square there. Keith mentioned video. Sequences idiosyncrasy idiosyncrasy. Wow wow i. By my pet peeve right there idiosyncrasy. Yeah i just can't mention it to you can't ask you to watch it right. 'cause you're plenty chase and then there's dr i don't know we've upped hours now of yours.

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