'Justin Fields Intelligence Test Results Explained' with Dr. Scott Goldman - Episode 053 - burst 01


Let's talk about justin fields. What do you remember about giving him the test. This quarterback from ohio state. So there's a few things that stood out And i'm so glad that that They've they've granted permission. I think that's great because honestly his scores. I think there's something to very proud of You know the first thing that stands out as his scores are very consistent in parallel with a couple of league. mvp's and super bowl winners of recent late so he has a profile that matches some of that performance that we've seen member you're asking earlier about you know trends. And so she's consistent with some of the people who who are trending very high right now in the league And the other thing that was exceptional was that He had no identified weaknesses like all of his scores were either Average above average or superior that's really noticeable because most people have at least one or two weaknesses somewhere he He had no weaknesses in his profile. Which i thought was really impressive from a cognitive standpoint and then the thing that i think was most impressive was there's there's an area called efficiency. Which is your ability to download information and then recall it leaner. And that's the test that he feeling out meaning he got a perfect score on it.

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