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Welcome to true mysteries of the pacific. Northwest storage strange events. People places that are often obscured by the miss of time. I'm your host kit crumb. You're gonna have to bear with me today. I started off with something involving out of pacific northwest area. This would be nevada but this story will give you an idea. How some thing like the bermuda triangle or in this case in nevada triangle leads to something very bizarre. So hang in there with me. Most of you may be aware of the bermuda triangle. You may even have heard the dragon's tail japan's version of the bermuda triangle. That how'd you heard the nevada triangle. I first became aware of the data triangle. When i was doing research into area fifty one. Do your own research into the bermuda triangle japan's dragon's tail and you'll get the same disappearances of ships and planes and nothing for either triangle since the mid nineteen fifties with the nevada triangle vanishes involve planes and people though the vata triangle goes from los angeles to fresno torino. What sets it apart from. The dragon's tail of the bermuda triangle is that a dozen involve the ocean and planes and people have vanished within the bounds of the nevada triangle up through the nineteen nineties and sixty years more than two thousand planes have vanished in that triangle in september. Two thousand seven fame pilot. Steve fossett took off from las vegas airport in a single engine. Bologna and to forty are and seemingly vanished. Interestingly during the search for steve fossett eight other small planes were found a year after he vanished. The wreckage of his plane and a portion of his remains were found. The faa explained away the wreckage of the small planes as well as faucets to whether conditions. Now it'd be a explained disappearances out of two thousand now rather than rehash all the planes and individuals that have vanished within the nevada triangle. I decided to search for a truly bizarre missing person. Case in that triangle and i found one but not in the triangle. What i had to do was find a missing child that was found miles away now. There have done a lot of children that have vanished. Gone for hours sometimes overnight but essentially found down the trail so to speak when i was looking for was a missing child. That was long gone. Gone long enough to warrant a search and rescue team dogs and trackers and yet was not found not found in the vicinity around where they vanished. I wanted a situation where a child vanishes from family. His found far away by someone that doesn't know the child or the child's family. I began my search profile and fbi files. If the child was found alive he or she had wandered off was discovered by local searchers. Not far from the camp or the rural home. Sadly a lot of children that had wandered off didn't survive the ordeal what i call traditional searches. That is searching the police. Fbi cases came up with a dead end. There are three parks. Within the nevada triangle yosemite sequoia and kings canyon national park i decided to focus on yosemite and the surrounding area. I chose l. portal. Part of my reasoning is it was once linked to the park yosemite valley railroad. It was just a thought a shot in the dark and a paid off. I was able to access the parks list of missing persons over the last decade. But i found nothing when i was looking through an old ledger. At the el portal library. I was approached by an aging. Librarian needs to return the volume to its place under lock and key. Well he gave it back. She asked what i was looking for. And i responded. Oh that missing child. She asked if i was referring to the lemon boy. My response which yes really. I had no idea who the lemon boy was. I knew that if i had responded to the librarian that i was researching children. That had vanished. I probably would have gotten the role of the is. She would've walked away anyway. I managed to get the name. Bobby lemon from my host. He wandered from a group of children. That had hiked to the top of mount whitney and was found the next day wandering the streets so they'll portal. He was ten and take directly to the sheriff's office where he told the sheriff that he had to find the assembly train. Kazakhs were as parents were but that was ten years ago. He's twenty now and works at a shell station at a north end of el portal. The librarian abruptly ended her. Narration turned and walked off carrying the ledger of old. El portal shaking her head. But i had a lot of information. I just wasn't sure what to do with it at first now. This sounded too good to be true. I drove to the show. Gas station ended up talking to the manager. Who told me that. Bob lemon hadn't shown up for work. The next day. I went back to the library. The aging librarian wasn't there and leslie curious. I decided to check out a couple books on the old yosemite valley railroad first things first. I flipped from photo to photo reading the captions. One photos showed a young boy leaning out of little window on locomotive the caption below the picture. Read engineer edward boy appears to be having a good time. I was forward. The date for the photo was nineteen. Seven still where to go in my research from here. A dozen phone calls. Direct me to edna lemon and words baby sister born in one thousand nine hundred twenty two. That would make her about ninety seven. It turned out that she lived in el portal in the same house. She was born in when i knocked on. The door was greeted by youngish caregiver. Then informed me.

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