Gabby Reece - Charting an Intentional Course Towards Your Authentic Self


Gabby reese some dose of leadership. I can't believe it. Welcome to the show. Thank you so exciting to talk with you. You know it was interesting i. I was surprised to learn that you didn't start playing volleyball. Tell you are late in high school i was. I was kinda shocked by them. I think especially this day and age. Everyone get so kind of focused so Specialized so early and i. You know i grew up in virgin islands. And i and i actually kinda played a little bit of volleyball because i was so tall. Very tall early But i didn't. And then i moved to florida my junior year and i was fifteen and i was six three and organized there and so i started playing for the school team and just started really focusing in on volleyball for my junior and senior year and it went from there. Did you find that it was epileptic before that anywhere you really involved in organized sports well before voluble nothing. No i wasn't i. I kinda grew up. Pretty free-wheeling I said you know if you grew up in the virgin islands as a non local person. So my father's from trindad. I moved down to the caribbean. When i was very young and dumb usually In those days to as the seventies like what were my parents doing so most of us were pretty free wheeling that we were down there anyway so quite frankly i never thought about going to university. Never put much thought. I wasn't interested in performing while in school. Not really And i i probably did it. Consider career school. And even then i was just going where things lead me versus. I had some plan in my mind.

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