Osaka Withdraws From French Open After Bitter Row, Reveals 'Bouts of Depression'


Naomi osaka withdrew from the french open. that is the big tennis tournament for all those tennis fans out there. One of the grand slam grants. I'm so she withdrew from tennis From the french open over media obligations and the reason why she said in a very lengthy instagram post. She said i'm not a natural public speaker. And i get huge ways of anxiety. Before i speak to the world's media i get really nervous and find it stressful to try and engage and give them media the best answers i can't. She also opened up and said that she has experienced And major zaidi and depression since her first major win at the us in two thousand eighteen and that she will take some time away from the court she also said. I never wanted to be a distraction and the withdrawal is the best thing for the tournament the other players and my wellbeing considering that every to go with media obligations. Do you have a problem with us at all. No absolutely not anybody that does meat or not. She didn't say she can't stand the media. She's not in a feud with the media. She's freight now when it comes to mental health and depression is far more important than what you and. I wanna ask you a question. I've never understood the media's infatuation with thinking they're owed squawked we're not we're not just like the just like if you're under contract is a player the organization doesn't owe us squat to renegotiate three years left on your deal. Now you have to. You could stay home. But i don't know what this account with. This young lady did to bother me a hell a player. She came out and was honest. We beg for transparency. She gives his transparency. And there's people out there a well. She got to be better to the media.

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