Apple's Mysterious New AirPods Pro

Lew Later


Gonna kick it off with a story about some airpods pro. Apparently apple is working on apparently working on getting rid of the iconic. Damn these line That's a little piece of comes down. Some people joked early on it was like a little toothbrush now. They shrunk the stem on the pro model from the non pro version and recently we talked about here initial mr lebron. James was spotted as what happens when you're a celebrity. Will you'll never know something like this. No you get spotted saying he was spotted but lebron james wasn't even really spotted because he just posted a photo on his own instagram having been spotted by photographer his hands on that picture. Interesting he just copy and paste it you know i mean. A photographer tastes the photo of him on the way into the game. He just do a quick copy paste. I guess so anyway. So he had on his unreleased earbuds and he's had to deal with beats in the past and beats has up until this point up until that pair which he presumably leaked. But it's not really league because it's obvious that it's intentional anyway. Up until that pair they never had a full like minimal in ear design without any type of earhook or anything like that and so does have a little grip tab on it by the looks of it. But the whole thing is enclosed in the ear. And there's definitely no stem now. Presumably with the beats brand new would take this headphone that he was wearing and you would implement a similar setup for an apple product like. Why should be apple's own product. They owned beats. Obviously why should their own product have this stem on it. And then the selling simultaneously these beats product. Which does it need. It and looks like it's much

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