Rosenquist Hildebrand, Pelo Castro Nevis And Elio Castroneves discussed on Tony Katz Weekend


Commercial free to the end. Where it lap 1 81 Rosenquist Hildebrand. It's Sado Run 12 and three But David after stop, you have to stop gonna leave Pelo Castro Nevis, Pato warned about this hits the net up piss keycard. McGraw often finds going to find himself in that fourth position. Simon Passion on fifth and a carpenter climbed his way up right behind passion of so it's gonna be a mix of youth and experience to decide the 105th running. The Indianapolis 500 mile race that again Rosenquist Hilderbrand Sato out front. But we're watching the battle for what will be the lead in Luo Castro Neves. What wanted it to turn over y hands on their feet popping those fists? Elio Castroneves makes the pass on Alex below. With internal on You Want to do the wave into turn number two waving for a Leo Castro devils, who just got around Alex Polo now Pato award starting to make a move Scott McLaughlin right there as well. Nobody started this race for Roger Penske more than Elio Castroneves. Now his first year driving for another team, and with 18 ago he leads the Indianapolis 500. A couple of car lengths over Hello and then award us another 10 car links back as they exit 4 130,000, plus strong. They're cheering loudly. Alex Polona, the inside of the old Castro, Devon, no more saving fuel. We've gotta shoot out. Alex, blow around Elio Cash in this man, you're too

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