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Checks out six car leads over Helio Castro Neves that Pato award that another Ted car legs back to Scott McLachlan buckle and settle down the Indianapolis 500 is coming down to the wire with Alex Polo just in front of Allie. Oh, Castor Davis Potter Award. Scott McLaughlin and Simon Pageant Go down the north side of the track. Too Short shoot. It's below a good 4 to 5 car lengths, though. Here comes Castro Nevis out of four, and he's only three car lengths behind again. All eyes on Rosenquist Hilderbrand Sado. They have to stop it. And below the leader and in turn over wine that's right in his 45 and six below Castor Nevis and award, But Michael, it's just laps away from being for the race lied just about a half a lap ago, We saw Pato Award start to close in on Elliot Castro death as that advantage kind of slips away as Alex below takes him all the way down to the white Line. Elio Paddle Award right there defacto leaders were talking about and now you can throw a blanket over metallics polo with Chester Nimitz just behind then Pato award and now trying to get up into that fight. Scott McLaughlin, and then don't count out Simon Passion. Oh, he's in fifth in this the way it's playing out right now. 14 laps to go this time by side by side of the sir finish line. Elio got him easily. He passed him in the yard of bricks is the fans cheer on the three time Indy 500 winner through the south and comes Helio Castro Neves spans, waving their heads. Helio Castro Neves by three car legs, But Alex below gets a great run out of turn Number two. It's 5/8 of a mile away. But when Elliot Castro Elvis makes noise in the south, and the North end comes to life, now they watch is Alex Polo takes the lead back into turn. Number three. Alex Hello, Lee Helio Castro, never through the short chute on the north end of the track about a four car length advantage

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