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E. B. C. This'd Dalton public on this Memorial Day weekend Fantasy IndyCar Series salutes the men and women serving in the United States. Army National Guard. Thank you for your service. Just about to leave 169 laps below Castro Neves Award Hunter Rey and B. K, the top five allies starting to focus on the driver running in the 23rd position. Ryan Marine That's got Dixon. Exactly So when he came to make his stomach moments ago, there were 38 laps remaining on my colon, the rest of the brain's person. That was the final stuff they make today. Now, let's a monumental task to save enough fuel to make it the distance from here and the team. Communication has got him over to go was it could work, But we need some help. Remember, they fell off the lead left early. I've been scrambling to get back on the right foot ever since. This is their last play to try and get to victory Lane, Alex Wolff. Then we have another spin of the north End of the pits a Simona de Sylvester of coming and spits, I think, might ahead. The inside wall dejectedly hitting the steering wheel put, Jack has come back on the bread, Otto's sports Chevrolet. So our third mishap on the north end of the pits today I have never seen anything like it. That is the third spin coming onto pit road and the pick window has opened for the front runners. Just go to Scotts Sander Lee and then trying to get fresh fire stones on the tire without any incident earlier in the race,

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