A highlight from Ep 430 | Is 'Christian Nationalism' a Threat to Evangelicalism? | Guest: Nathan Finochio


Hey guys welcome to relatable. Today i am talking to nathan finocchio. You guys probably. I know a lot of you. Follow him on instagram. And you know of him you know of. They asked university the online seminary that he is a part of today. We are going to talk about a whole host of things it's really a wide ranging conversation that i know that you guys are gonna like because he super interesting we are going to talk about deconstruction. Azam he's a charismatic and so he's going to talk about some of the issues that he sees in his part of the christian evangelical world and then we're going to have a conversation about christian nationalism nationalism imperialism he's really interesting perspectives on that and he has a lot to say that honestly. I don't think that we talk about in a very serious way. Very much in the christian evangelical world and so we're going to have that conversation and because progressives are having that conversation so that means that we need to understand what's going on so i'm really excited for you to listen to this. So without further ado here is nathan finocchio nathan. Thank you so much for joining us. Can you first tell everyone who you are what you do. Yeah so my name is nathan finocchio and i am the founder a few and thou- seminary they ask you is a subscription based the logical him in sight basically we condense Full length bible college courses from state. Let's say that the book of romans from like thirty six hours to about six or eight hours have a wide range of teachers at the house. You and people pay fourteen bucks a month and they subscribe. I'm a. I'm a charismatic evangelical politically conservative guy. And so that's kind of the space that i live in and we have about just over four thousand subscribers worldwide about a quarter of them are pastors of of charismatic. Evangelical churches So that's that's kind of That's gonna wanna do. Yeah that's awesome. Tell me why you guys started. They aseel we started. They us you because we we feel like a couple of things. Firstly we believe that the average person sitting in the pew on a sunday morning in an evangelical church Their their desire for theological. Depth is dramatically under estimated Number one number two. We feel like the charismatic evangelical world is sort of the wild wild west theologically and and many schools are slipping into sort of a progressive liberalism. Theologically and so. We just wanted to do something about that. We wanted to. We wanted to be a part of the solution for what feels like an unraveling of the evangelical charismatic movement which i always been has been conservative for decades But as now yeah become kind of a swing swing state so to speak. Yeah and it's not just the charismatic. We're all not just evangelical charismatic world. Obviously that's not the world that i occupy. But i see that kind of liberalism deconstruction as in postmodernism infiltrating the southern baptist convention which certainly has been seen as some kind of pillar of conservatism for a long time. Why why do you think. That's why do you think that's happening. Why do you think this kind of post. Modern liberalism is infiltrating so many parts of the church that used to be seen as staunchly conservative. I a couple of reasons I think that there's a crisis of authority and so firstly i'd say it's epistemological. I think that kids. The younger generation has in a pistol -nology that lends itself to deconstruction that lends itself to progressive Theology and that epistemology is that. I can't

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