Why You're Burning Out And How to Fix It With Leah Weiss


Thinking bernal is a spectrum. A binary on off or a habit. Or i don't i think is really helpful and in terms of the research on the stages of burn out one of the things that's really interesting is the early stages of burn out which include things like having excessive drive and pushing yourself to work harder and harder than you start neglecting personal care. Needs these all our lake. How would you describe workaholic. I think it's when you get into the middle and later stages of burn out the you understand that it's not just about work habits and then the other thing that your comment makes me think of is i think often one of the biggest misimpressions people have about burnell is that it's just caused by working hard often. It's about the components that are you know have to do more with lack of fairness or poor relationships or frustration with values being transgressed. That are the real drivers of burnout. Not quote unquote just working a lot in hard so that gets a really important point and i believe this is a really important point to you. Which is it can be really unfair. Perhaps to frame burn out as an issue of individual agency because often it's not just that we have decided to work ourselves too hard. It's that were caught in noxious structures. Yes and i think that's critical. It's it's not to negate the role that we have as an individual but it's to add in the importance of understanding our environment. The teams were working in cultures. That were a part of so that we don't put all of the blame. And also all the onus on ourselves to fix it we understand this is we are part of a system so that is spot on. Its part of why. It's such an important component to me. And i think a big part of my frustration with how burnout is presented often. And we're talking a lot about it because of covid many articles. You know many how to's in. I think we broadly emphasize the individual in that which is counterproductive for exactly what you're pointing

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