A highlight from Episode 252: Admiral James Stavridis on the Next World War

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Late on this episode of news world. I am really delighted to have an old friend guests who i've known for years and admired for years. He is the operating executive with carlisle group. Which is global investment firm. He's a chairman of the board of counselors of mclarty associates which is near national consulting firm before that he served for five years. As the dean of the fletcher school of law and diplomacy at tufts university but his record in the military before that was amazing. Thirty seven years serving the united states all around the world led the nato alliance and global operations from two thousand nine to two thousand thirteen. He was supreme allied commander with responsibility for afghanistan. Libya the bulk in syria counter-piracy in cybersecurity. He also before that served as commander of the us southern command responsibility for all military operations. Latin america from two thousand six to two thousand nine i. I met him when he was chief. Military adviser to the secretary of defense. He has earned more than fifty medals including twenty eight from foreign nations in his thirty seven year military career and he recently wrote a book which i found so important that i promptly contacted him and asked if we couldn't do a podcast because he combines an interesting novel which i recommend just as a novel but he combines insights and warnings for america based on his lifetime career as entitled two thousand thirty four a novel of the next world war and i think given that background you can see the kind of credentials he brings to bear. Admiral james stavridis timpson readers to me is terrific patriot. Remarkably in person with

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