Tim Cook's Bad Day in Epic vs Apple

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All about the apple versus epic trial epic versus apple. It's i i was safe backwards. Epic versus apple epics the planet literally the testimony portion of the trial wrapped up minutes ago from you and i are talking. There is sort of fake version of closing arguments on monday where both layers are. Just gonna get asked questions. Bu the judge from what. I understand which is probably going to be way more fun than normal closing arguments probably way more fun also the term. Everyone is using for that. Closing argument is a hot tub ing which is very funny. Laporta will be in the courtroom for the hot tub ing but the actual testimony all the witnesses on the stand all the presentations of evidence wrapped up today. This week saw phil schiller craig. Federici tim cook on the stand. There's a lot to talk about their but wish to start with what just happened. Because the absolute end of the testimony portion of the trial with tim cook on the stand was fireworks. It just went sideways. There was very boring for a week. Lots of experts that we're not even talking about because they were so boring and then the judge kind of just in the tim cook. What happened at he. Yeah so you. A judge yvonne gonzalez rogers who is gonna be writing the opinion on the case and who occasionally interjects with some usually pretty interesting but very short questions. They more or less finished examining tim cook. And then judge rogers two steps in with a question and she's like okay. Well it seems like most of the revenue in the app store comes from games. So what's wrong with telling people that they can go and making purchases elsewhere. And then that just kicks off this ten minute long discussion where she and tim cook this like surprisingly testy exchange over whether it makes sense that once apple put like once a developer put something in the store apple brings enough value that it should get a cut of like whatever happens in that out forever. Yeah and to me. This is kind of the central question at the heart of this. Trial is who is in control of your phone in apple's answer kind of nakedly. Throughout his win we are in control of your phone

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