U.S. Accuses China of Abetting Ransomware Attack


Hack of Microsoft earlier this year that compromise tens of thousands of computers worldwide. Here's a B CS Pierre Thomas, the U. S government is accusing the Chinese government or senior elements within it directly working with criminal hackers. The NSA, FBI and Homeland security claim that the People's Republic of China has been contracting with and profiting from criminal hackers who attacked companies around the world. China also accused in a list of other cyber threats, including ransomware attacks from hackers connected to the Chinese government and targeting companies with demands for millions of dollars. Chinese not responding to this just yet, but a foreign Ministry spokesperson has said in the past Attribution of cyber attacks like this needs to be based not on what they call groundless accusations, and there's also new demands today to ban the sale of certain cyber spyware across Europe, the US and in Israel. This after it was discovered spyware from an

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