Pete Hegseth and Mark Levin Talk About 'American Marxism' Purpose


Go. To page 2 51 you're talking about Washington reading pains. Words at the Battle of Trenton and part of what you say is our challenge today Think speaking of 17 76 is just as crucial and urgent and in many ways more complicated. We did not ask for this confrontation, but it is here. And in truth, like the early days of the Revolutionary War we are losing most of the country has been caught flat footed and remains UN engaged. This book feels like Your attempt to get people on flat footed and leaning forward. How do they do that? No, Pete. First of all the problem is I sound self serving When I tell people please read the book. So if you buy the book, just pass it to somebody else and have them pass by somebody else or go to the library or something like that. Because, as you know, There's a lot in the book, and it's not intended to overwhelm its intended to explain how do we do that? First of all, whether it's a political operation or military operation or a business plan or anything else. We need to know who our enemy is. Now. I don't say political adversary. Don't say opponents. These are people who want to take down this country and they are well along the way. And we see this. It's not just critical race theory. It's so many other aspects of our institutions. Our traditions are under attack things that you would never believed in your lifetime. You would hear R C Are in executive orders are being pushed in these massive omnibus bills that Congress is pushing you turn on the television. You hear this propaganda over the media is basically the mouthpiece for these various movements. I said I got to look into this. You know, I've written a lot of books, and this doesn't smell

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