Bucks Win Game 5 to Take a 3-2 Series Lead

The NBA Show


The bucks one twenty three one. Nineteen game five win on the road over the sons to pick up three two series lead kyle at felt like at one point it was going to be a big sons blowout. Sixteen point lead in the first quarter. It feels like at one point. It's going to be a huge fox blow out and then it gets tied at the end it. We got a really good game down the stretch. That was fun to watch man. I loved it incredible game. I mean a lot of fortitude on both sides to not go away and to come back with your like you said. We had a of lead shifts and changes. The bucks fought back from that big deficit early. We big shots. We had big miss shots. It was it was sort of a shakespearean play there towards the end it. It's amazing if that went ahead ended with like a game winner. Something that would have gone down as a pretty memorable finals game. Not that it won't anyway. But yet really entertaining drama heck of a heck of a gutsy performance by milwaukee no doubt about it and we have to start at that lachie side which holiday twenty seven points thirteen assists only two turnovers at three steals. He had two of this. Deals are going to stick in my mind for a long time. And the third quarter. He had the on. Ball steel against devon booker then took a poll up three and transition in the final minute of the game helping off ball on a drive by devon booker strips. The ball janas runs the floor and he throws the alleyoop to him for the dunk holiday. Both ends of the court all those. Eric bledsoe comparisons from games one and two feel like such a distant memory. Kyle holiday was extraordinary tonight. I mean what freaking performance at both ends big balls there. That's the only thing that comes. I mean those plays that. He made that one three that he took after he destroyed up rip booker. I was just stunned. That he had the stones to take that and he nailed it. Yeah and then the the presence of mind you know. The refs aren't going to necessarily call a foul like that. Every time in a situation like that i mean he kinda force them to make a call He he got a little bit of risk a little bit of hand on that swipe down when he came over weakside to steal that from booker but yeah when he when he threw that lob to janas. I almost thought he threw it over. The cylinder again almost threw it into the cylinder and when he did that stood up. Stood up in my office. I just couldn't believe

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