Learning to Embrace and Enjoy the Worst Part About Every Job


You're never going to have the perfect business now. You can try and hire away the parts of the business that you don't like but you're never gonna get rid of those parts in really those parts about your business that you don't like are just the crappy part of another business just repackaged. I used to work in a corporate environment is to go into an office every day. There was things i hated about that. Having to be there at the same time answering phone getting dressed up like those things sucked. But what i do now has sucky aspects to it and if you viewed some of the things that i have to do now you'd say that's terrible. I don't wanna do that but those things that you don't like really like just sprinkles on an otherwise great cake in sprinkles themselves or they're terrible. Nobody likes sprinkles like you would need just a bowl of sprinkles but it had a great cake and sprinkles happened to be on it. You're not turning down the cake. Because at the sprinkles you gotta take it for what it is so you can think about your business and the things that you don't like or maybe you're not currently satisfied about some part of your business. Can you hire somebody to do that. can you. Maybe get rid of that task but eventually you boil it down so much reduced down so much. You're left with tasks that you do your things and you're not going to get that list down to everything that you only love. You're gonna have some things that you don't like the only you can do and you might say well go start another business. Well that business is gonna have the same crappy sandwich at the heart of it eventually anyway. So the worst part about any business is is just another form of the worst part of your current business. Embrace it enjoy it and realized the date. Some part of everything is just going to be terrible. But it's all not

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