A highlight from EP. 533 - Lighter Weights = BIGGER STronger Athletes ft. Jim Wendler


This episode is brought to you by element. Electrolytes i andrew. You recently started doing some fasting and you notice different element by adding. It's your fast. So how's it helped. Yeah it's actually helped tremendously so when i switched to a like strict high carb low fat diet. All's eating on a like a more like scheduled regular basis like. I would have breakfast where i normally wouldn't have breakfast then. I would have kind of like something in between lunch. Something in between dinner that sort of thing and so when. I decided that i wanted to kind of try to cut a little bit I started implementing fasting. Again in dude. It was a lot harder than i remember. And i think is because i was used to eating so often so when i started implementing element it. It's really as simple for me as like it kind of almost felt like cheating on my fast Mark mentions you have to occupy your mind and that's really what it was for me. I just i had something. You know something with really good flavor but it wasn't gonna break my fast but also like it. Just kinda rejuvenated me. It's sorta like gave me extra fuel to go further in my fast now. That's kind of like the bro science approach to it. But for you yourself you and mark talk about some of the the. I don't say scientific benefits. But there is something more there than what i'm just saying. Well technically does give you something to actually make fasting easier because a lot of the times when you're fasting right. You will have those pumps of hunger during the day but a lot of times also have punts of hydration so if you're not adequately hydrated you're gonna mix up your feeling of lack of hydration with feelings of hunger which will make you wanna go eat but with element. Obviously you're getting. The adequate amounts of sodium potassium magnesium. Which will have you actually be adequately hydrated. Meaning that now you won't get those signals mixed up. You won't be feeling hungry as often because you won't be mixing up your signals. Hydration repealing lack of hydration and hunger so it actually will help you get through a fast much easier. Yeah the hydration that definitely makes a ton of sense If you guys are implementing fasting and you really want an easier way to go about things we highly recommend it. Yes checkout electrolytes and you can do so by heading over to drink l. m. n. t. dot com slash power project Check out the value bundles. We highly recommend that you pick up a melon flavor at least one box. Maybe

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