A highlight from Human spontaneous combustion followed by a cozy murder mystery


Now human spontaneous combustion. Today story takes place in one thousand nine hundred ninety one in eugene oregon but before we get into the details it's important to understand that fire is a thing. It is a series of chemical reactions. Those of us who grew up with a fireplace understand that you dry would the correct amount of oxygen and heat source. I can still remember my father telling me to blow on the red hot ember. That was always amazed when it would burst into flame. The majority of the human body is made up of six elements oxygen carbon hydrogen nitrogen calcium potassium less than one percent of the body is made up of another five elements of those six base elements. Hydrogen is the most flammable bear with me now to understand humans bond heinous combustion. You need to understand what causes fever when you have an infection. Chemical called pirates is kicked into the blood and makes its way to the hippo thalmus in the brain which is in charge of regulating the body's temperature. Here's the formula human spontaneous combustion is the body already contains oxygen and hydrogen which when combined two molecules to one atom will combust however. There must be a heat source and that would be the hypothalamus responding to pie regions and heating up the body. Now i hope you got all that if not very simply. The human body contains everything necessary to combust now on with our story in july nineteen ninety-one gerald hooton and his wife both retired. We're living in eugene oregon. It had been a normal day. Jerrold working in the garden while joan volunteered as a church. Charity worker when she came home he cleaned up while she made dinner. After doing the dishes they settled down to rerun so carry mason. Nine thousand nine hundred ninety one around nine thirty jerrell said he felt sick. Got up and went into the bathroom. When the reruns came to an end gerald hadn't returned. Joe called out to her husband but got no reply. Concerned joan walk down the hall that led to the bathroom and immediately smelt smoke when she opened the bathroom door the sight that greeted her. I was a very hot smoky room when the smoke moved into the hall. She was horrified to see her husband's charred bodies slowly sink into the bathroom wall within seven minutes of calling. Nine one one. The fire police were at the house. Joan escort from the house but when the firemen entered the bathroom assuming it to be on fire in the source of the smoke they were confronted with only the smoldering body gerald who incinerated from the inside out an embedded in the bathroom wall. Detective william jenkins with eugene police department was assigned to the case described the scene. Mr who was found completely burned and in an upright position his body was partly embedded and over half way into the wall. Both feet were thirty inches off the floor. No part of the bathroom had burned other than him. And now part of the wall fearing that. If the body was removed from the wall might disintegrate the wall still retaining gerald's body was removed and loaded into the coroner's van when his body was finally removed as face protruded just four inches and chest three and a half inches from the wall. It was concluded that whatever happened to poor gerald. There was no foul play. Detective jenkins left a police force.

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