A highlight from 1635 Don Bell & Priscilla Esparza on Ivoclar Vivadent's Dental Innovation Tour : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran


In dallas. And dallas. San antonio houston and now here to phoenix. And it's been great people. I i know were you know. Covert protocol social distance or with mass. But we're seeing people live. We actually have a conversation Yet to kind of elbow bump you get to do some normal stuff it seems more personal than zoom calls which has really been the case for the last. What twelve fifteen. Months of activities so yeah. We're excited as well. It seems like from all accounts that dentistry is back. I mean i've got my vaccines. You've been vaccinated Everybody i know in arizona's already had both of their vaccines and patients are all that pent-up demand they're coming back and everyone's busy and my god. He came back like vengeance. Is that what you're seeing. Yeah i mean. It's really good point. I think in general. I'll go back to a personal experience because i think that's a good kickoff point. I saw my dentist in illinois right after they reopened so is what mark or may of last year and they had sat really strict protocols. They let patients in managing staff with p. p. phenomenal job. And i think the industry in general has done a phenomenal job with setting protocols for patients. Which means i'm a patient. I feel confident that i'm going to be protected going to your office for treatment so whether i have a care that i let's have a crown of a tooth crack that i need to get done or i'm looking at care. I feel really confident. That my provider my denison. A really good job with setting protocols and they've done a really good job of communication in general to their patients and i think it's created a confidence level of it's safe. They're going to treat me well. I'm going to be protected. And i'm not worried about being you know part of any type of spread of the disease. I think that's a really important factor. I think there's been no what tracing of any case. As far as i know of a cova case to a dental practice that could may or may not be one hundred percent but it's probably generally accurate because i think our industries on a really good job sending protocols and i think that's allow patients to feel like okay. I'm safe and i'm safe to come in and people are coming back because of that. Well i want a difference. A year makes a year ago a completely different atmosphere the unknown and they my favorite Dentistry uncensored podcast was under you guys leadership you guys. We've got six names. That could deal with this from gordon christian and my gosh on talk about leadership role. That was a time when the dentist needed to hear what gordon christian was thanking in rally. And you guys arranged at all and really set the stage that we're going to get through this and now it's a year later and or through it and you know it's just a wild. What a what a wild year. That was So now that that's behind us. Everything looks better my gosh. What are you most excited about. Now that we're all come back to live there. Got a years. Were the dental demands their booth out in the offices and everyone's really busy would is the most exciting thing that you think ivoclar is going to be doing post pandemic now question. So we've been very focused on trying before the pandemic and really leading up to it of developing efficiency and workflows whether be. Let's say direct restorative or connecting to a lab or processing dentures. Whatever and chair side million is a big part of that. Everything's become a process we've tried to refine and that was going on even through the pandemic so now we go to market. We thank practices or opening labs are have been back up and running really at a high level. We're just trying to help. Customers be more effective more efficient and more successful and deliver great aesthetics. And i think we've been developing these for several years now. Everyone gets it now. Is the other part of really the tour reconnect with customers. And they have people see what's available from us and what direction we're heading in as far as developing solutions for businesses and. I think we want practices to be successful. We want to treat people in the practices while make sure everyone's protected obviously. And then what they delivers care is really really good and high quality. You know it's one thing to listen to everybody's thoughts using pains. But i just. I'm a data driven guy just loved the data and women always bought ninety nine percent of all the makeup and all the cosmetic. He'll everything and this pandemic. I'm like as a guy with five sisters before they could go to school. They had to stand firm. Amir for an hour is thank god. That must be awful. I just went in there in renton bathroom as my my deal. But the i'm but men. Now including myself. I mean i don't even look in the mirror and i'm brushing my teeth and floss. I don't eat a mirror to floss. I mean are you know imagination. But the but the men looking at themselves on zoom conferences you saw like a hundred percent spike just in men by makeup and and everything i'm reading is i think the cosmic revolution which basically you guys kicked off you. Gotta i lived through the the cosmic revolution that which came from the organic chemistry revolution of adhesive dentistry. That set the stage the bonding but really. It was a lot of like even. Who's on your on. Your van is there. Is that a short fat bald guy like me. No it's a pretty woman. But i think we're gonna see a new revolution and man looking at zoom call saying god. I need to get something done with these teeth. And you're seeing it in the numbers. It's it's it's a real thing. I think i would agree with that. I think what you end up seeing is think about what happened when the pandemic hit people were at home. And what do they see every. They saw themselves their spouse and they saw their home. And you didn't have much that you could control other than what do i want to change. What changed. I don't like my appearance. Maybe i look heavy. Maybe i wanna change my hair. I want to change something in my home. That was pretty common. I think you saw like home renovations or improvements. Go up. i think you're i agree cosmetic dentistry became. I don't like the way i look. I don't like my smile. I don't like something about where i'm at today. I want to change it. Because you're seeing yourself every day. And you're really hyper aware of it. I think that's one hundred percent affected me too. I when the pandemic off you're at home. I said i looked at myself. Mary you gotta gain twenty pounds just going to shrivel up and die. I committed the eating and snacking more through the pandemic just to put some weight on. This is the way. I looked all through the pandemic suda. I think the funny part about it is we all kind of adapted to the new environment. We weren't going in offices working from home. We're on zoom calls which we didn't we had to either be on visually or not and you know that's what we all adapted to. I think now as you get back out. I think there's that i think there's a desire for human interaction and also a pride in appearance in how we look and feel about each other. I don't think that's uncool. If if i go back and look at the industrial revolution a kicks off in about eighteen fifty in england with the combustion engine but it was so big and clunky just pump water out of flooded coal mines but everything always gets faster easier higher quality lower price and smaller and when it got smaller they they put them on. Ships that shipping. And then when it got to new york where you're at on the area canal up in amherst

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