Return of the Automat Restaurant-Auto intro and wr


Waiter Lisburn face style auto mats were thought to be the future of dining in the early twentieth century but they died out in the seventies but auto mats are making a comeback the food is in copies and you pick out what you want Stratos more friggin owner of the Brooklyn dumpling house in New York brought back the auto mats what I wanna do is have the whole concept the whole guest experience controlled by your smartphone restaurants have been struggling during the pandemic morph again says auto maps will save jobs in the long run my Gramps with Taco Bell likes the idea of some of its for safety and I want to contact with experience for other people it's I just want to be left alone and go do my thing in its Times Square cantina Taco Bell has what it calls copies Morgan says cubbies alone won't work it is the food if your food is not on point you will fail Morgan says he's already sold almost one hundred franchise options I made Donahue

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