A highlight from Pauline Nevins: A Mixed-Race Daughter in a White Irish Family


I'm danny and you're listening to the plastic podcasts tales of the irish diaspora now. We've crossed the irish sea on a number of occasions here on the plastic podcasts. But this is the first time we've crossed the atlantic and not just the ocean but the whole united states itself to talk to our guest. Today paulie nevins born in wellingborough at now resident of california. Pauline is the author of fudge a memoir. Which is subtitled the downs and ups of a biracial. Hof irish british war baby which is a much more succinct description of her life story than i could ever manage myself. It's a fascinating read. A vivid evocation of a world both familiar and alien and has led to her story being featured in two exhibitions by the mixed museum. Warm with the association of mixed race irish and the other focusing on the so-called brown babies of world war two when we talk. It's evening me and morning for her. But it some patrick's day for the pair of us so naturally the first question i ask is how you doing. I'm doing fine and top. Aren't the bottom of the afternoon to you. Our listeners can't see but you are resplendent in green at the moment. Sim plus my eric. Not only my god again. Which would because sweater over here at my house and my errands whereabouts in california are you. I'm in what they call the foothills. Which is if you know Sacramento at all of a lot of people don't even though it's the capital california. We're at about an ala north of sacramento. And about two hours west of reno to give you anybody. That's been united states that gives him an idea and As well as the patriots day. I'll be like does it get celebrated much out in sacramento. Well actually adjust. They have a parade. I don't know what time it is because we're about an hour from there and cost with cove it. We're not going too far and in the town that's closest to me which is scored auburn They're having parade about five o'clock this afternoon. So there's quite a few irish around. Celebrate the actually having a parade saikia will people be to distance. Which i think so. I know how far away they're going to be with each other. Because i won't be that but they're definitely having a prayed. How long have you been out in california. A long time nineteen seventy. I came here but it was my first place to live. Came over here. The first time to united states with my first husband in nineteen sixty four and He was a southerner from virginia and we came to virginia for short time and then we stayed in various places and then he got reassigned back to england and then we divorced and then my second husband was a california we met and then after he came back to california. I joined him later with my two children in here. Ever since and number both houses with military matters it's correct nothing yet and the msci quite big with with with with with your life store suppose. Yeah it has in fact it was big in our town in wellingborough because the the american f space was pretty close before show actually before it closed down and lots of the young women married americans and so there was this connection with america and still is i think in that town because so many married americans and i'll be so like As we alluded in the of the of the started with with the introduction You'll biracial half irish but you you the only biracial brown baby a family of children. Yes yes and in the middle so that was kind of a surprise to me. It was like okay. Didn't find out until later on Well really didn't really know the difference. And when you think about when you're your child you don't spend a lot of time looking in the mirror

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