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More news time. 10 31 It's 50 degrees. Art Sanders Top local stories from the comb over 24 7 News Center. Governor James Lee signed several environmental and climate bills into law. Today. Almost Charlie Harder has the story. He calls it a big day, something he's worked on for decades and would speak frequently with his wife about I've come home for the last 25 years. Pretty told me this day would come And Verily it has the bill signings took place in Seattle. In shoreline to talk about It is a jobs package. We're gonna put people to work with these bills. That's what we're doing. Bills include a clean fuel standard and a reduction in Styrofoam and single use plastic utensils used by restaurants. Critics say the bills were not passed with bipartisan support, and they worry it will drive up the cost or energy goods and services. Charlie Harder Come. O'Neill is Lee signed environmental and climate bills, the three locations today The first two were uneventful, but the third bill signing was interrupted by hecklers in Shoreline. They were upset about one of the items is leave vetoed in a climate bill the section had to do with the way the state interacted with the tribes bringing down climate emissions.

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