A highlight from 2587 - The Conservative Obsession Over Public Lands w/ James R. Skillen


We are broadcasting live steps and steps from the industrially ravage ghana's canal in the heartland of america downtown brooklyn. Usa on the program. Today gave me skillet so she a professor of environmental studies director of calvin ecosystem preserve and native gardens at calvin university in grand rapids michigan on his book. This land is my land rebellion in the west also on the program today. Israeli troops amass at the gaza border at least eighty three killed in gaza. Seven in israel biden slammed forgiving israel essentially a green light. Meanwhile colonial pipeline. The one that shut down now revealed paid five million dollars to hackers some form of a ransom ware reversal. Former trump pentagon chief testifies that there was an organized conspiracy that drove the capital attack. The american federation of teachers president randi weingarten says we need to be back five days a week to school. In the fall bernie sanders puts the military industrial on notice. More scrutiny for defense contractors. Joe manchin says he won't support bill number one might support a slimmer. John lewis act biden signs an executive order to boost federal agencies cyrus and the government launches at the get -mergency broadband dot org yet emergency broadband dot org. Millions of people including many of you will be eligible for fifty dollars a month and a broadband subsidies all this and more on.

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