A highlight from Joe Biden: Today is a great day for America


Well our world changed today. It really did. The way we live in. America changed today. It's the day are masks. Came off just outdoors but indoors for those of us who are already vaccinated and people who are going to get vaccinated today. Really really is a great day for america. Today is a great day for america. Battle with current coronavirus just a few hours ago. The center for disease control and prevention cdc announced that they are no longer recommending fully vaccinated people the wear masks this recommendation holes. True whether you are inside or outside. I think it's a great milestone. Great day it's been made possible by the extraordinary success. We've had vaccinated so many americans so quickly hundred and seventeen million. Americans had their lives changed. Today by this announcement this declaration of safety outside and inside for the one hundred seventeen million americans who are already fully vaccinated if you've been fully vaccinated. You're no longer need to wear a mask. Let me repeat if you are fully vaccinated. You no longer need to wear a mask but if you've not been vaccinated or if you've getting a two-shot routine vaccine and you've not your only had your first shot but not your second or haven't waited the full two weeks after your second side. You still need to wear a mask president. Biden's message today for everyone who is not yet vaccinated is vast or masked is very simple get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do as vac said or mask get vaccinated if you're vaccinated. You could be around the vaccinated or unvaccinated people today. Joe biden remembered all of the important moments. That were missed last year. That will not be missed again by people who are vaccinated so many months that our kids couldn't be in school. You couldn't see your friends or family. All the moments in mattered so much from birthdays weddings graduations all postponed as of today life. No longer has to be postponed for people who are vaccinated like victory in world war two. Today's public health triumph is framed in tragedy. Something joe biden never forgets carry a card in my pocket with the number of lives lost to covert as of close of business yesterday. Five hundred eighty thousand and seventy. Three loss lies so many empty chairs so many times. A husband or wife may over to touch your spouse not their moms and dads sons and daughters sisters brothers. Aunts uncles grandparents neighbors your coworkers today shortly before president biden. Speech the masks came off inside the white house. It's a new day here at the white house to and the president We just heard from the rose garden but he might actually marked it a short time earlier. He was in with the meeting of republican senators. That was planned to talk about infrastructure. And while he was in there with these six a word came down about the cdc guidelines and they all kind of looked at each other Senator capital lewis afterwards and they all took off the masks including president right there in the oval office. What a difference a day makes. I was at the white house yesterday for what turned out to be the last masked day outside and inside the white house. Here's a photograph of president biden. Arriving in the blue room for our interview yesterday. President then sat down for the interview and took his mask off. Only when we started to record the interview and soon as the interview was over. We both put our masks back on and present biden stood and spoke with me privately for several minutes before leaving in the masked white house yesterday yesterday in the president's meeting with the big four leaders of congress everyone in the oval office was wearing a mask for that meeting every time. We have seen joe biden. Walk up to a microphone to deliver a speech. He has always taken off the mask. Only when he's about to speak and then immediately puts the mask back on as he is leaving. That didn't happen today today. President biden and vice president harris walked away from that podium after delivering. Today's good news without masks. Just like joe biden and barack obama used to walk around the white house grounds later this afternoon. Vice president harris chaired a meeting of the white house task force of worker organizing empowerment and for the first time in a biden harris white house. Meeting everyone at the table was able to see each other smile. Here is how the vice president began that meeting. Nice to see literally. Nice to see you leading off our discussion tonight dr. She's judge dean of the brown university school of public health. Also joining our discussion john holliman. Msnbc national affairs analyst host and executive producer of showtime's circus and host of the hell and high water podcast from the recount. Also maxwell host of the program zelina which airs on dr jar. Let me begin with you. And i want to share a comma harris joy today with that phrase. Nice to see you. It is going to be a different world. We're living in among especially with obviously with vaccinated. People what are you. What are you have to add by way of kind of details of behavior that you think we should be aware of now under these guidelines of vaccinated people Can basically Do what they want without a mask outside and inside so lawrence efforts all. Thanks for having me on this really momentus day. It is a momentous. St mark's important change in the pandemic that people who have gotten fully vaccinated can go back to their daily lights the way we knew them before the pandemic there are a few things that remain right. I am fully vaccinated. Obviously i would still put on a mask if i was in a super crowded space indoors or maybe even outdoors in been big dense crowds for long periods of time used to have a different level exposure. But we're now talking about very rare. Things will happen infrequently Other than that. I think basically if you're fully vaccinated you are good to go in terms of about your daily business. Obviously we still have a challenge with a lot of unvaccinated americans. Some of whom have chosen not to get vaccinated others. Can't kids for instance so we still have a lot of work to do. The pandemic is not over but it really important day. Let's get into this this dense version of it Dr fauci said last night. When i asked him about outdoors he said if you're vaccinated you don't need a mask outdoors then. He added the idea that if he were somehow in a very very dense crowd outdoors You would need a mask. And i did not get the sense that he meant a dodger stadium or yankee stadium. I got the feeling that he meant something. More like I dunno possibly an outdoor concerts of some sort where people are almost kind of standing on top of each other. Yeah now that's right and part of it. As if you are at fenway park for instance you get a nice breeze going and the truth is to not really be at any in any way susceptible to somebody else who might be unvaccinated. A few few seats down. It's not going to be. A big deal is very much. That very rare instance outdoors indoor concerts again. Probably a little higher risk because again it's indoors It's one of those things whereas infection numbers fall in our community. Even those things will become safer right now.

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