The Secret Digital Marketing Life of Franchises with Neel Parekh


Now. Obviously doing the franchise model has its own set of challenges in union alec decisions especially like being a digit like doing the digital marketing. How are you approaching. Because you could obviously do it all for them you can tell them you're on your own you're just gonna license like what's your approach yet. And so this is what. I love about the local market. Neither do you might notice you. Also local market and cleaning on top of that. I think clean companies are probably two years behind the curve in terms of marketing digital marketing Late with everything so as long as you're on pace with the way to the marketing is going. You're already ahead of the competition. So it's not that hard in my opinion to beat most of the competition just by doing based foundation stuff and a lot of local companies. Don't always doing so if your marketing. You know what you're doing. You're ahead of the competition. So i consider things certain foundational things you whichever here. He's listening already. Knows about this about this stuff we franchise or would take care of because i know this is critical for the franchisee success. Seo having optimized website doing email capture and actually doing email marketing are this desert-like sem amar to national aspects of which you'd be surprised most companies do not do. There's lot of local companies. I think as a staff as 2017 was forty five percent of local companies. Don't even have a website. So yeah we take care of that kind of base south in terms of the marketing and then We provide the actual playbook of what can work resemble if be up valdez to do it. Here's the ad copy could have google ad where it's the on the franchisees to work with media preventive ours actually get that done A lot of the stuff is proven out here. Know it's very market by market so example los angeles yelps huge yup. Big in california. But i've heard that maybe the midwest it's not that big day like angie's list right so we don't want to force things which might not work in that. Local market based off google marketing. We take care of it because that's gonna work nationwide other stuff which could be more localized. We provide the playbook and then He would be charged during

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