Fox to Launch an NFT Company


Is a link that brennan sent me very very shortly before starting the episode. Where i just put blockchain series right this is somewhat misleading article From the hollywood reporter says dan harmon is making first blockchain animated series as fox embraces crypto. For all of you does heads out there with the diamond hands. And that are that are going straight to the moon. You're following the crypto. You're you're following the bitcoins and the theory and all the other other things. You do crypto maniacs but the subheading here says fox's launching an nf tea company to help quote art. meet technology as the rick. And morty creator readies chronopoulos crap op blue crap populace crap populace. An animated comedy set in mythic ancient greece. That will break new technological graham so for those of you that have been paying attention to this. Podcast you know. We announced irene. Like we didn't have the lucy's on this but we did talk about how dan harmon is in the works with fox to produce a another animated series set in ancient greece. But apparently this is going to have some sort of nfl. T crypto connection as

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