A highlight from Cyber Security Today, May 13, 2021 - Beware of fileless malware, a Wi-Fi warning and more


Are increasingly turning to what's called phyliss methods it's done by having the malware execute in a computer's memory that avoids files which can be spotted by antivirus systems. The latest example has been discovered by a security company called anomaly. It's as a threat. Group is using a free microsoft software development application called m. s build to plant a remote access tool on victims system and then it installs malware that steals passwords. Al isn't known yet how systems were initially compromised but typically gets done by tricking a person into using a legitimate looking but hacked application information. Security professionals are warrant to educate employees about proper sabir security procedures when handling emails with attachments and not downloading unapproved software. Wi fi has been in use since nineteen ninety-seven well. That's how long several design flaws have been sitting in routers smartphones and other devices. according to a researcher. He dubs them frag attack. If an adversary is near victim using wifi they could steal data or their device. A fortunately these flaws are hard to abuse unless there have

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