House Advances Jan. 6 Commission, Despite 175 Republicans Voting Against


The house voted to create a commission to investigate the insurrection at the capitol on january. Sixth the vote. Two hundred and fifty to one seventy five with just thirty. Five republicans voting in favour. This is pretty remarkable moment on january six of course the leader of the republican party. Donald trump fomented a violent insurrection. Hundreds and hundreds of rioters march for rally near the white house to the united states capitol at trump's explicit invitation where they descended on the building attacking officers and sending members of congress. Republican and democrat cowering barricading themselves in their own chambers offices fearing for their laws. The crowd infamously erected gallows just outside the capitol building wall group that have forced their way inside it. Hang mike pence. Hang mike pence advice. President refused to overturn the election. In the way that donald trump wanted and the purpose of all of it was to steal the election to stop the peaceful transfer of power to keep donald trump in the white house. Now it has been more than four months since that day. There is still so much we do not know about what happened on january six. I mean look at this just today the f. b. i. Released two new videos previously unseen of two new suspects in violent assaults on officers at the capitol. This one suspect tries to rip off and officers gasmask picks up a baton starts hitting officers with it. The other video shows a suspect wearing gloves with metal knuckles punching officers as they tried to defend an entrance to the capital. Fbi also need six more arrests today bringing the total over four hundred and twenty-five and marking one of the busiest days in the criminal investigation coming onto the department of justice

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